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Watch: Jim Jordan shatters Michael Cohen's credibility in congressional committee

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Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, tore into the credibility of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who was disbarred this week and will soon be entering federal prison, and the Democrats Wednesday morning during a public hearing before the House Oversight Committee. 

“The first announced witnessed for the 116th Congress is a guy who is going to prison in two months for lying to Congress,” Rep. Jordan started.

The House Freedom Caucus member continued, pointing out that the hearing was arranged by infamous Clinton fixer Lanny Davis.

“This is the Michael Cohen hearing, presented by Lanny Davis … the Clintons' best friend, loyalist, operative. Lanny Davis put this all together.”

In another series of questions, Jordan said that Michael Cohen is lashing out at the president because he wanted a job in the White House but failed to achieve employment inside the administration.

“You said all these bad things about the president there in that last 30 minutes, and yet you worked for him for 10 years? ... If it’s that bad, I can see you working for him for 10 days, maybe 10 weeks, maybe even 10 months. But you worked for him for 10 years,” Jordan said.

“You didn’t get a job in the White House. And now you're behaving just everyone else who's got fired or didn't get the job they wanted, like Andy McCabe and James Comey, same kind of selfish motivation …” Jordan added.

Cohen claimed he did not seek a job in the White House, but that claim was immediately struck down by several Trump insiders and media outlets. Donald Trump Jr. added on Twitter that Cohen “begged” to work in the White House:

Several news organizations confirmed that Cohen did indeed seek a White House gig:

Furthermore, in pointing out the hyper-political nature of the hearing, Rep. Jordan also pointed out that CNN published Michael Cohen’s opening statement even before the Oversight Committee received the transcript of his planned remarks.


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