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Watch: Steven Crowder confronts Antifa coward who wanted him lit on fire

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In the latest episode of "Louder with Crowder," BlazeTV host Steven Crowder confronts an Antifa thug who called for violence against Crowder while he was filming his show in Austin, Texas.

The Antifa member, who has a long criminal record involving altercations with police and attempting (and failing miserably) to throw tomatoes at President Trump, sent a call to action for Crowder to be milkshaked and set on fire.

So naturally, when Crowder found the man in a coffee shop, Crowder was dressed as the Heat Miser from "The Year Without a Santa Claus."


In the clip, Crowder asks the man why he's called Crowder a "fascist" when the man is the one committing and calling for acts of violence against others.

"How do you not see yourself as a fascist when you encourage acts of violence?" Crowder asks.

When confronted with his social media posts, the Antifa member denied having made the post.

"You made that quote up," the man said.

"No. We didn't," Crowder replied. "We absolutely didn't, and we'll prove it to millions of people."

And Crowder does.

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