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WTF MSM!? But those feet

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Where’d you get dem shoes? …

Cillizza’s no good, very bad day … CNN’s Chris Cillizza thought that the American people were in need of more of his obviously sage insight. So he hosted a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” It went horribly wrong, with people attacking CNN, him, and his apparent penchant for taking photos of his female colleagues’ feet and footwear and posting them on social media. Even Slate and Salon, those paragons of progressivism, piled on.

The best question? … I may be biased, but I almost fell on the floor when I saw a questioner ask Cillizza about my weekend column and his unrequited love for Joe Biden. Reddit user “sikeston” asked, “Do you, in fact, doodle Joe Biden all over your Trapper Keeper?”

Shannon Sharpe jumps the shark … Sports media types really haven’t figured out that sports is a way for Americans to put the problems of the world on the back burner. This time it’s Shannon Sharpe injecting politics into coverage. Sharpe, one of the best tight ends in football history, said that Donald Trump is to blame for the trash talking between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor ahead of their fight. Um, Shannon, trash talking has been around forever. It’s part of sports.

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