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WTF MSM!? CNN caves to leftist bullies

Conservative Review

The fascism of the left

Jeffrey Lord explains leftist fascism … Jeffrey Lord, who also writes for Conservative Review, published an article at the American Spectator calling out liberal fascism — specifically, campaigns by Media Matters for America to silence conservative thought. Until yesterday Lord was employed by CNN as a commentator.

Then Media Matters responded after Lord mockingly used the phrase “Sieg Heil” in response to MMFA’s Angelo Carusone correcting Lord’s spelling. As anyone with half a brain can see from the full exchange, the phrase was used to mock the fascist tactics by which the organization tries to silence thought.

CNN caves and fires Lord … Predictably, CNN caved to the pressure from MMFA and “severed ties” with Lord, whom Brian Stelter described as one of CNN’s best conservative analysts.

My take … I took both MMFA and CNN to task for stifling speech and differing viewpoints. It is not the goal of leftists like MMFA to simply offer differing viewpoints. They want to remove dissenting opinion from the public sphere completely.

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