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WTF MSM!? CNN’s Acosta is mad, call the waambulance

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Your daily CNN …

Call the waambulance … Poor Jim Acosta, Trump’s mean girl Sarah Huckabee Sanders is bullying him again by not calling on him. Yesterday Acosta started whining again on Twitter about never being called on by Sanders in the press briefings. Then he added the hilarious aside that Obama always called on Fox. Which raises two issues: First, is this Acosta admitting he’s biased, a leftist version of Fox News? Second, it is pretty well documented that the Obama administration loathed and punished Fox News regularly.

Not what Camerota was expecting … WATCH THIS! No, really, go watch it. OK, are you back? Was that not the most amazing thing you’ve seen on TV in a while? CNN’s Alysin Camerota asked a panel of Trump supporters if they were upset at all by Trump’s response to Charlottesville. She was shocked by their silence. One guy openly laughed at her. A black female supporter of Trump just stood there shaking her head.

Speaking of that supporter … Camerota further pressed the black supporter of Trump to diss the president, and she would not budge. CNS News has the story of how Daphne Coggins “stood her ground” against Camerota. Especially when Camerota “tried to portray her as a neo-Nazi sympathizer.”

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