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WTF MSM!? NBC spiked Weinstein story in FEBRUARY

Conservative Review

Eight months …

NBC spiked story during awards season … Ronan Farrow’s bombshell report on women who say Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein raped them and sexually harassed them was supposed to air on NBC in February during the height of awards season. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Farrow had been working on the story for at least 10 months. His contract with NBC lapsed over the summer. THR further reported that NBC executives claim that they did not “spike the story” under pressure from Weinstein. A likely story.

The powerful often spike journalism … Sharyl Attkisson — the Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist who left CBS News after the bosses there spiked her stories about the Obama administration — wrote in The Hill about how routine it is for the powerful to spike stories at news organizations and how outside interests shape the news.

Remember Corey Feldman’s pederasty claims? … Remember in May 2016 when Corey Feldman outlined his pederasty and pedophilia claims against powerful Hollywood types? Since they weren’t against a Catholic priest, the media quickly forgot them. Well, today James Van Der Beek, who played Dawson on “Dawson’s Creek” in the 1990s, outlined his own experiences with sexual harassment by powerful men in Hollywood. These stories are not going away, unless the media covers them up.

Do you really want to mess with Anthony Bourdain … Yesterday, TV chef Anthony Bourdain blasted Harvey Weinstein in defense of his girlfriend, Asa Argento, who claims Weinstein raped her. He also blasted Hillary Clinton continuing to associate with Weinstein while the rumors were “out there,” in a tweet.

That’s when former Hillary Clinton spokesman and current CNN contributor Brian Fallon tweeted: “Go eat a scorpion or something.” That’s right, attacking the current partner of someone claiming she was raped by a major Clinton donor and bundler. That should end well.

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