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WTF MSM!? Politico’s misleading headline about the EPA’s Pruitt and ‘use of science’

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“Science” …

What a headline … According to Politico reporters, “Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt announced Tuesday he would seek to bar the agency from relying on studies that don't publicly disclose all their data.” Well, that seems good. Science is built upon people being able to study all the data and reproduce the results obtained by other scientists. It is the basis of the peer-review system.

Now check out the headline that Politico used on the piece: “Pruitt scales back EPA’s use of science.” The EPA is switching to a system that uses more robust science that can be scrutinized. Yet Politico’s headline editors go with a misleading headline meant to cast Pruitt as a scientific luddite. The Politico editors know very well that people don’t read beyond headlines on social media, and they are trying to influence public opinion against Pruitt.

VoxTales! Woo-oo! ? … One of the most vile moments after former first lady Barbara Bush’s death was when a California professor viciously and venomously attacked Bush in a tweet. The Washington Examiner has the story of how “Vox rewrites history” to make that professor look like “the victim.” Vox’s Anna North writes, “Randa Jarrar’s case is a reminder that when a woman of color speaks out on her views about race, she faces unique dangers.”

Jarrar viciously attacked a woman moments after her death, but she’s the victim. While the mainstream media wants you to think Vox is an unbiased source of explanatory journalism, remember it was created by Ezra Klein, a former associate editor at The American Prospect. That publication has as its stated mission "to advance liberal and progressive goals."

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