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WTF MSM!? Trump revokes security clearance of MSNBC’s Brennan

Conservative Review

Boom …

All done … White House press secretary Sarah Sanders just announced that President Trump has revoked the security clearance of NBC News and MSNBC paid commentator John Brennan, a former director of the CIA. Back in July, the Washington Post reported that Sanders said Trump wanted to revoke the clearance because he believed Brennan was profiting off of public service.

CNBC, which is part of NBC, reports that the move is “more of a political than practical one.” Not orignally noted in the story: Brennan is a colleague.

This action is long overdue.

Antifa just good people … After a weekend in which Antifa thugs, finding no alt-right folks to attack, turned their violence towards journalists and cops, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was upset that people were calling Antifa out. Really, he was. Watch this rant by Cuomo about the situation.

The money quote? “All punches are not equal … morally.” Cuomo’s point is that it’s OK for those who want to overthrow the government – Antifa – to get rough with journalists and cops because they hate the same people that Cuomo hates. The Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold has a thorough takedown of Cuomo’s rant.

Cuomo is certainly against violence, yessir. He just thinks that "all punches are not equal morally" and "fighting hate is right" and "in a clash between hate and those who oppose it, those who oppose it are on the side of right."

I'm being generous when I say Cuomo "seems to think," because there's no evidence of thought driving Cuomo's rant. Instead it came from a sort of a simple brutishness where people who have it coming exist on a different moral plane from people who Cuomo prefers remain unharmed. The notion that maybe violent Nazis and violent anti-fascists might both be wrong escapes him.

Cuomo’s the son and brother of left-wing governors. He has a side. Antifa is just another leftist ally in his coalition. None of this is surprising. Nor is his brother saying America "was never that great" earlier today.

Take down that site … There’s another front in the media’s war to remove speech it doesn’t like from the internet. Not content with pestering social media companies, the media is now going after content hosting companies like WordPress to get them to take down sites they deem offensive.

In a piece titled “This company keeps lies about Sandy Hook on the web,” New York Times writers embark on a quest to get answers from WordPress about why it isn’t taking down content from someone who writes about conspiracies surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting. I’m not arguing that the content is worthwhile, but the person writing it has freedom of speech.

Automatic, the company that owns WordPress, is sticking to its policies not to remove content from its platforms. The company developed the policy because of coordinated attempts to remove content by people who didn’t like the content.

Good for Automatic for standing up to those trying to squelch speech. Make no mistake, if the Times is successful here, other voices will be next. Once they taste blood, the anti-free speech activists aren’t going to stop.

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