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WTF MSM!? Whining about being called out for fake news

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Call the whaambulance …

Sinclair’s script … Executives at Sinclair Broadcasting have had enough of agenda-driven fake news.. That’s what drove the company, which owns network affiliates across the country, to come up with a live read for its local news anchors to read. It talked about the journalistic integrity of the company’s own local news broadcasts and called into question those on the Left AND Right who promulgate fake news to drive an agenda.

You can watch a montage of the live reads here. Yes, that video presents the live read as propaganda. But it just outlines a real problem with biased news. As Ben Shapiro wrote at The Daily Wire, if this were CNN doing the reading of this script, there would be no outcry, because the script was “apolitical.” As Shapiro says, the reaction was much more political.

Rather’s take … Dan Rather was fired by CBS News for a false report that used fabricated documentation to substantiate claims about President George W. Bush’s National Guard service. In other words, Rather was fired for promulgating fake news. The kind of politically biased fake news Rather engaged in is exactly what Sinclair was calling out.

Nevertheless, Rather persisted. Here’s how he framed the Sinclair ad:

Give us a break.

Stelter … As I wrote in the March 8 edition of this newsletter, Brian Stelter was the first to sound the alarm on the Sinclair live read. He broke the story of some Sinclair employees being uncomfortable with the read. This is really about Sinclair’s conservative owner. Stelter and his left-wing cohorts are upset that a conservative actually owns some news media, a fact that Stelter reiterated this week in an appearance on CNN.

Brian Stelter has Dan Rather on his show regularly and lionizes the man. Dan Rather is a fake newsmonger. Maybe that’s why Stelter feels so strongly about fighting people who point out fake news.

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