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WTF MSM!? ‘You will be made to care‘

Conservative Review

No rubber chicken …

Is this a surprise? … For the second year in a row of his presidency, Donald Trump is skipping the White House Correspondents’ Association yearly dinner. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is attending and representing the administration. Why would Trump reward the one-sided, biased coverage he receives? Remember, Trump attended the Gridiron Club dinner earlier this year; it is similar in format to the dinner he is skipping.

Nailed it … CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter wrote on how Trump is “snubbing an annual celebration of the White House press corps.” That’s a media critic calling a yearly dinner a celebration of “journalists.” My friend Cape Cod Times columnist Cynthia Stead nailed it in her response to Stelter.

The press’ treatment of this president is not normal. Why would he go to their dinner and eat rubber chicken to “celebrate” their viciousness?

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