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YouTube bans video exposing Muslim brotherhood

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We’ve reached a point in western civilization where it is more offensive to expose Islamic terrorists than engage in Islamic terrorism itself. Our enemies understand this phenomenon, which is why they have so successfully exploited “liberal” western values against America and Europe. In the words of the Muslim Brotherhood’s explanatory memorandum, “destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands.”

The latest example of the West’s instant capitulation and adherence to Sharia is YouTube’s decision to ban a video produced by Counter Jihad, which exposes the stealth jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America and sharia law as the source of the problem. The video is a simple 3-minute explanatory of the root cause of today’s jihad – the strict dictates of sharia to wage war against the West. The video goes on to explain how there are two different facets of jihad – violent jihad and civilization jihad. While the information is pretty basic to anyone who has followed this issue, it is precisely the information that voters and law enforcement agencies need to study in order to properly identify the threat. 

CounterJihad from Dan Ben on Vimeo.

Here is the relevant information from the Counter Jihad website:

On Thursday of last week, this site published a video on its YouTube channel.  As of yesterday, YouTube has pulled that video declaring it a violation of its “hate speech” policy.  The irony is that the video was appreciated by Muslim reformers such as CounterJihad’s own Shireen Qudosi, who pointed out that to reformers like her it was actually helpfulspeech. 

The irony is that YouTube is full of videos from the most hateful, violent jihadists on earth. Just Google “Anwar al-Awlaki” and you will find dozens of videos from his most venomous speeches. Remember, al-Awlaki was directly connected to some of the 9-11 hijackers and inspired several of the most recent domestic jihadists.

The political, cultural, and business legs of western civilization are aiding and abetting the civilization jihad. Their refusal to work with reform-minded Muslims to address the root cause of Islamic terrorism, which is a mere tactic of a broader goal, is a vivid and circuitous demonstration of the success of civilization jihad. The problem is right here in our own country – in the mosques, schools, and the Department of Homeland Security. If we continue to close our eyes and ears to identifying the enemy and understanding why they are fighting us (in their own words), we will continue to suffer from this existential threat.    

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