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12 Questions I Want to Ask Obama About Race Relations in America
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12 Questions I Want to Ask Obama About Race Relations in America

After the tragedy in Dallas, many questions should be asked about this situation by the mainstream media.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump gave a speech about an incident, any incident, where he jumped to harsh conclusions, blamed black people and the next day a maniac killed five black Americans?

Can you even imagine the response from the mainstream media?

Trump is blamed for one sentence in a 60-minute speech. Trump is blamed for fights outside his rallies. Trump is blamed when his supporters are assaulted after leaving his events. Trump is blamed when George Soros hires protestors to purposely incite violence at Trump rallies.

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Now we have five dead police officers and several more wounded at a Black Lives Matter rally. This all happened on the same day President Barack Obama condemned and blamed police for killing blacks in separate incidents, local incidents; blamed racism in the police ranks, without any facts, without any proof and with videos showing only half the story.

This comes on the heels of seven and a half long years of constant Obama attacks on police and “police brutality” and supposed “racism” every time a black person is shot by a white police officer (or a white civilian - see George Zimmerman).

Each time there is a shooting involving black people, the same scenario plays out- with the president of the United States inserting himself into a local event. No president in history has ever regularly weighed in on local police incidents. Obama weighs in before the facts are known, jumping to conclusions that are harsh to the white police officers involved.

Never does he defend the police as a whole, or comment on the impossible job they are asked to do, making life and death decisions in split seconds.

When a Muslim terrorist attack resulted in 49 dead Americans in an Orlando gay nightclub, Obama refused to “jump to conclusions.” He would not blame Muslims, or even “radical Islam.” He refused to even say the words “radical Islam.”

But when a white policeman shoots a black person, he doesn’t wait a second. Obama immediately blames the police and immediately assumes it’s “racism.”

After the Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, Obama and his attorney general were even caught changing the words of the mass murderer. Can you imagine? They committed fraud to protect the mass murderer’s religion. Can you imagine Obama changing the words of a white conservative mass murderer, to protect white Americans?

On Thursday, Obama weighed in on the two recent police shootings from a press conference in Europe. He blamed police - as usual - without any facts.

So the question is, does Obama deserve responsibility for sowing racial division, for inciting the hatred and racism that led to five dead police officers on the same day as he made his comments? If the media ties Trump to every fight outside a Trump rally, why not tie Obama to five dead police officers and the hatred of the black killers? Why is it any different?

The only difference is this tragedy occurred on the heels of seven and a half years of Obama spewing negativity towards police. Seven and a half years of never defending police, or giving the benefit of the doubt to police. Seven and a half years of jumping to immediate conclusions without evidence.

The list is long: Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, George Zimmerman and even the Cambridge police interaction with the black Harvard professor.

According to Obama, it’s always the police’s fault. Even if the “victim” has a mile-long criminal record. Even if the black criminal refused to comply with police commands and even if the black criminal chose to fight the police officer.

If a policeman shoots an innocent person (black or white), by all means charge him, and let a jury decide. But no president has a right to weigh in before a jury is presented with the facts. As we saw in Baltimore, it is never as clear cut as the masses or politicians who jump to conclusions believe.

We have lots of questions to ask as a country. These are questions the biased liberal media refuses to ask. So I’ll ask them. These aren’t “racist” questions. These are fair, necessary, common sense questions.

Besides, do you know the definition of a “racist”? Anyone winning an argument with a liberal (or in this case, with Obama).

Here are the questions for America to think about...

1. Do BLUE LIVES MATTER? They don’t seem to matter to Obama, or guilt-ridden white liberals, or Black Lives Matter protestors, or the mainstream media. When white cops are killed by black criminals, isn’t that racism? Isn’t that the definition of a “hate crime?”

2. What is President Obama’s responsibility in this? His irresponsible rhetoric and propaganda about race have clearly divided this nation for seven and a half years. Or didn’t you know race relations in America have dramatically worsened under Obama? Even the New York Times calls it “A Nation Torn Over Race.”

Where is his blame?

3. Doesn’t the president of the United States have a responsibility to wait for the facts, or a jury’s decision, before weighing in police matters? Should he have any right at all to weigh in on LOCAL police matters?

4. Is it really open season on blacks by white police? Even the Washington Post reports that police are FAR more likely to shoot white suspects than blacks, because of a fear of being persecuted by civil rights leaders.

So that means entire reason for Black Lives Matter is one big fat lie. Shouldn’t the president be pointing out the facts don’t fit the propaganda?

5. Why don’t Obama, or civil rights leaders, or Black Lives Matter protestors ever weigh in about white police officers killed by black criminals? Or black criminals committing heinous violent crimes versus white victims? Or blacks killed by the dozen in Chicago each weekend by black criminals? Where are the nationwide protests?

6. Why is one black person killed by police, whether the shooting was legitimate or not, have more significance than thousands of blacks murdered each year by other blacks?

7. If a police shooting is bad, how do Obama or Black Lives Matter protestors know it’s due to “racism” and not bad police training, or miscommunication in the “fog of battle?”

8. Why has Obama NEVER invited the widow or orphaned children of a murdered police officer to the White House in seven and a half years as president? What message does that send?

9. Why are there no Obama press conferences for slain police officers, but many press conferences when a black suspect is shot by a white police officer? In so many of these cases, the black suspect has a mile-long criminal record, so how Obama blame the police officer for defending his life?

10. Will Obama label this Dallas mass murder by black criminals intent on killing whites, a "hate crime?" Will he assign the civil rights division of the Justice Department to investigate with an army of agents, like he does when anytime a white police officer kills one black suspect?

11. Why does Obama label conservatives and Tea Partiers as “extremists” and “racists” even though there has never been one incident of violence at any conservative or Tea Party rally? Why does he consider conservative groups as “domestic terrorists,” but I’ve never heard him condemn Black Panthers or Black Power groups as “terrorist?”

12. Now that a Black Power organization has killed policeman and vows more assassinations of cops, will Obama place Black Power groups at the top of lists of “domestic terrorists”?

It’s time for the media to treat Obama exactly as the media treats Trump. Don’t Obama’s words matter? It’s time to start asking questions. It’s time to start speaking publicly about reverse racism.

Because reverse racism isn’t just alive and well in America…it appears to be thriving inside the White House.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne's latest book will be released on August 23, “ANGRY WHITE MALE.” He is a supporter of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.For more, visit his website: www.ROOTforAmerica.com. Follow him on Twitter@WayneRoot.

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