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21st Century Feminism: An Embarrassment to My Gender

21st Century Feminism: An Embarrassment to My Gender

“The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman… the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her.”

With this battle cry, Elizabeth Cady Stanton initiated a decade-long war at Seneca Falls on behalf of the American woman, fighting for voting rights, educational opportunity, equal pay, and more.

In direct opposition to the courage, heart, and fortitude our foremothers exhibited, the 21st century feminists have proven cowardly, petulant, and weak as they attempt to continue a battle that has already been won.

And they are nothing short of an embarrassment.

While the great American feminists of history fought for the freedom to vote, to work outside of the home, and to have custody of their children in the event of divorce, the feminists of today fight for free government handouts like contraception and the right to terminate their children via abortion.  Some branches even fight for pornography and sex work to be “reconsidered” as empowering women rather than degrading them.

This radical branch of feminism pushes the limits by promoting indecency like the much-hailed “Vagina Monologues,” which glorify the female genitalia. They attempt to “reclaim” rather than censor words like b**ch, whore, and c*nt.  And they conduct “Slut Walks” all across the nation with the partial purpose of expressing their sexuality and redeeming the term “slut.”

Our foremothers would be horrified.

Nan Bauer Maglin and Donna Perry went so far as to say, “Sexuality, in all its guises, has become a kind of lightening rod for this generation’s hopes and discontents (and democratic vision) in the same way that civil rights and Vietnam galvanized our generation in the 1960s.”

I’m certain Dr. Martin Luther King would object to equating civil rights with sexuality.  That aside, the feminists of today reduce women to their sexuality, and in doing so, set women’s rights back by huge strides.

And their work is not only disgraceful to my gender, but counterproductive as well.

Our foremothers fought for independence, but their feminist contemporaries fight for dependence.  How else would you characterize Sandra Fluke’s demand that the United States government buy her contraception with taxpayer dollars? What an utter dishonor to feminists past who lobbied for the chance to work, to earn, and to prosper in the same fashion as their male peers.

Taken together, the feminists of today have no purpose, which is why 21st century feminism is very far from a unified cause.  Unlike Elizabeth Cady Stanton who presented an enumerated list of grievances at Seneca Falls in her famous Declaration of Sentiments, feminists today lack a clear set of objectives.

Distinct from the first wave of feminists in the 1800s who fought for women’s suffrage or the second wave in the mid-twentieth century who sought freedom from their traditional role in the homes, the third wave of contemporary feminists has no structure or definition. They amount to little more than a sad muddled mix of disparate causes seeking to challenge the definition of what it means to be feminine.

The feminists of today are the equivalent of the whining rich kid, whose parents toiled through great pains to provide them with a future they can’t respect or cherish because they have no grasp of real repression, real struggle, and real liberation.

Our feminist foremothers exhibited true, unadulterated courage. What we see today is far from that.  It looks a lot more like attention-seeking, shallow cowardice.

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