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Adolf Hitler Said That Medical Research Was Critical Too


Harry Reid, like Adolf Htiler, is defending medical research that uses fetal tissue.

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Thirty four years ago Father John Powell, S.J. captured the enormity of the desensitization of a population in “Abortion: The Silent Holocaust.” It all played out in the movie, “Judgment at Nuremberg.”

Spencer Tracy, playing the role of the American judge in the movie, asked a German couple on the street, “Did you know?”

The wife stumbled with her answer citing the good things Adolf Hitler had done for Germany: The jobs. The new prosperity. The Autobahn.

“Of these other things, we knew nothing,” she said.

When her husband spoke of the Gestapo and the personal risk of resisting too much, Tracy said, “But your wife just said you didn’t know.”

Both husband and wife looked down sadly. Then quietly said, “Yes. We did know.”

An undated image shows the main gate of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland. Writing over the gate reads: “Arbeit macht frei” (Work Sets You Free). (AP Photo/File) An undated image shows the main gate of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland. Writing over the gate reads: “Arbeit macht frei” (Work Sets You Free). (AP Photo/File)

What went wrong in that once great nation?

The ovens were not built to kill Jews. They were built to eliminate that which was not useful.

Among the first to be designated as not useful were retarded children who were ripped from the arms of sobbing Nuns and carted off to the ovens.

C. Everett Koop and Francis Shaeffner addressed this in “Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

“The first to be eliminated were the aged, the infirm, the senile and mentally retarded and defective children. Eventually as World War II approached the doomed undesirables included epileptics, World War I amputees, children with badly modeled ears and even bed wetters. Physicians took part in this planning on matters of life and death to save society’s money.”

When Hitler reclassified Jews as not useful it was just another step along a tragic path and the German people stood silent as their Jewish neighbors were carried off to their deaths.

A condemned German stood before the judge in the movie and said, “But we didn’t think it would go that far.”

The judge responded, “It went that far the very first time you condemned an innocent human being.”

When Roe v. Wade was decided I was one who expressed concern about the slippery slope. I predicted that the time would come when abortion would become a tool of gender selection.

My comments were met with universal disdain. “No one would ever do that!” I was told. “Shame on you for even thinking such a ridiculous thought!”

Over the course of the last 42 years the slippery slope has continued to present us with additional steps along this tragic path and the result has been the desensitization of America.

Under the guise of “women’s reproductive rights” the unborn baby was expendable. Once a population accepts that life, at some point, is expendable it is only a minor adjustment to move that point.

Just four months after Roe v. Wade, Nobel Laureate Dr. James Watson suggested that a child not be declared alive until it was three days old so that the parents could make an informed decision as to whether to keep it.

Five months later two doctors from Yale University Medical School advocated death for “defective” infants.

Five years later Watson’s partner in earning the Nobel Prize for discovering DNA, Dr. Francis Crick, suggested that human life be ended at the age of 80.

We now have state laws allowing doctor assisted suicide and calling it “death with dignity.”

European nations not only allow assisted suicide, but also have doctors ending lives of the afflicted to free up hospital beds for the less afflicted.

We’ve recently been shocked at the filthy conditions in the abortion mill of Dr. Kermit Gosnell who delivered babies live and then killed them.

State laws to require as much cleanliness in abortion mills as we demand of puppy mills meet fierce opposition from Planned Parenthood and Democrat politicians. They’re doing this in the name of women’s health.

Today, efforts to outlaw abortion for the purpose of gender selection are met with huge resistance by Planned Parenthood and the Democrats.

It never dawned on me that a purported health care provider could possibly be so avaricious as to create a market in baby parts from destroyed babies.

Planned Parenthood physicians were recently captured casually discussing the market value of organs from babies whose lives, in their eyes, hold no value whatever. The videos are disgusting.

Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid defended Planned Parenthood’s actions.

“Human fetal tissue research has been critically important for biomedical research for a long, long time …”

Medical research was critical in Germany too.

We could say, as was said at Nuremberg, “But we didn’t think it would go that far.”

The answer would be the same: “It went that far the very first time you condemned an innocent human being.”

There may have been a time when America could look down sadly and say, “We didn’t know.”

That time has passed.

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