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Obama Kidnapped America


Someone has kidnapped our country. And we know who it is and where they live.

Do you ever get the feeling our country has been stolen? Where’s America? I want my country back. I think it may be time to call the police and issue an “Amber Alert.” The kidnapper’s name is Barack Obama. You might know him. He lives in the White House.

In the past, I’ve written about all the strange priorities of Obama. Priorities that suggest he’s out to hurt us, not help us. But the news that Obama allowed the shutdown of the “Amber Alert” website certainly takes the cake.

Oh, it’s back up now, after a huge public outcry. But as my father used to say, “Watch what a guy does, not what he says.” The original action tells you all you need to know about our President. He is a man intent on hurting, damaging, or destroying middle class America, our military, our economy, and our values.

Let’s start with a few actions that happened long before the government shutdown. Obama shut down White House tours. He released illegal alien felons from prison. He closed pools on military bases - thereby hurting the kids of our heroes away at war, defending America. He cancelled July 4th fireworks displays at military bases. He cancelled Top Gun flight training school for our best Navy fighter pilots. He cancelled “flyovers” at graduation ceremonies for our Annapolis, West Point, and Air Force Academy grads. 

Is this normal behavior for a patriot? Why not cut welfare, food stamps, and stimulus spending? Why not cut “earned income tax credits” for illegal immigrants who never paid taxes in the first place? Why not cut spending on the advertising campaign in Mexico that “educates” Mexicans that their relatives in America qualify for food stamps?

Why not dramatically cut the 22 million government employees? Why not cut the obscene $100,000 and $200,000 pensions for government employees? Why not cut the foreign aid for people that hate America - like Egypt, Libya or the Palestinians?

Obama has money for all of this, but not for the military, or Amber Alerts.

We need to issue an Amber Alert. Our country has been stolen.

Who would make choices like this? Who would want to intentionally hurt members of the military, but keep spending on advertising to encourage dependence on government? It sure feels like these are the decisions of someone who doesn’t like America, who dislikes the military, and wants to make patriotic middle class Americans feel as much pain as possible.

We need to issue an Amber Alert. Our country has been stolen.

While the military and their families go without, there’s plenty of money for Obama to play golf, take vacations, and spend $100 million traveling to Africa. While he was in Africa waving to adoring crowds, he pledged $7 billion to increase electricity access for Africans. With American taxpayer money? These are just not normal decisions made in the best interests of America.

We need to issue an Amber Alert. Our country has been stolen.

But the decisions Obama has made during this government shutdown take the cake. First, he tried to close down the World War II Memorial in Washington - an outdoors memorial that requires no government employee oversight in the first place. The objective? To deny entrance for 90-year-old military vets flying into Washington, D.C. for the trip of a lifetime to honor their dead comrades.

Then it was the cancellation of the broadcasting of NFL games to overseas military. Then military chaplains were threatened with arrest if they chose to work for free.

Once again, Obama shows his true colors- his disrespect for the military, veterans, and religion.

We need to issue an Amber Alert. Our country has been stolen.

Then there’s the closing of national parks and recreation areas. Even privately managed parks have been shut down. Obama even shut down the ocean - fishing boat charters are prohibited from going out to sea.

However it is important to note, Obama’s military golf course at Andrews Air Force Base just happens to be unaffected by the shutdown. Golf must now be deemed “an essential government service” by Obama. Maybe Obama is hunting for terrorists in golf holes?

By the way, even though Obama’s home golf course remains open, the grocery stores on the base have been shut down - forcing military families to pay 30 percent more at area supermarkets. A military family eating must not be "essential" to Obama.

But all that pales in comparison to risking the entire U.S. economy on a mission to embarrass the GOP. Obama runs around the country loudly threatening a Treasury debt default, and promising “catastrophic losses,” thereby inciting fear and panic among bond and stock investors across the globe. He knows this kind of talk could lead to a collapse. But that’s not a concern to our President. Because he’s betting that a stock crash, or economic collapse would frighten Republicans into accepting Obama’s budget and re-opening the government. The President of the United States is trying to incite a financial crash. Isn’t that called terrorism?

We need to issue an Amber Alert. Our country has been stolen.

What matters to Obama is to purposely inflict as much damage as possible, as long as the Republican Party is destroyed. As Obama’s hero Saul Alinsky said, “the end justifies the means.” Alinsky’s end was the destruction of capitalism and America.

Obama is quite simply the biggest bully ever in the White House. He uses exaggeration, extortion, fraud and intimidation to attack his opponents and get his way. The Obama Crime Family makes the mafia look like Boy Scouts.

Yes, it’s time for an Amber Alert. Our country has been stolen. The only question is, will Amber Alert even work, or will Obama disable the system?

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