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Batman' Actor Says Donald Trump is No Dark Knight and the Mainstream Media Goes Batty


A simple impersonation sent Batstars flying from the liberal media.

In this film image released by Warner Bros., Christian Bale portrays Bruce Wayne and Batman in a scene from "The Dark Knight Rises." (AP PHoto/Warner Bros.)

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am... Donald Trump?!

Recently, while out on the campaign trail, current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was asked by a small boy if he was Batman. As any fun-loving adult who is trying very hard to win the vote of their parents would do, Mr. Trump reached deep down, mustered up his best Christian Bale imitation, and declared rather matter-of-factly, "I am Batman."

This declaration seems to have broken the Internet.

Since that statement, a parody Twitter account was quickly created and #BatTrump began trending on the social media website. The story has even garnered a response from Batman himself:

For those who aren't familiar with him, Kevin Conroy has been playing Batman in various media since 1992. He voiced Batman in the wildly popular "Batman: The Animated Series," and since went on to voice the character in video games as well as animated films. For many fans, he is considered to be the quintessential Batman and is often the only animated Batman to be included in lists ranking the various live action actors who have played the Dark Knight.

Now, while this was an interesting little exchange - and everyone loves some good, friendly trash talk - the way those in the liberal media have covered the story is bordering on shameful.

Gawker reported the story under the headline, "Donald Trump Lies to Little Boy."

Seriously, Gawker? Gawker isn't alone in blowing this statement way out of proportion, either. The ever-reliable Huffington Post lamented that "Now some poor kid thinks Donald Trump is Batman," and followed it up with, "Let's hope young William knows a Joker when he hears one."

The Verge writes that Mr. Trump, "Confirmed, in fact, that he is the Dark Knight." They also felt it necessary to point out that, "This is a lie. Donald Trump is no Caped Crusader." They also go on to compare him to a "Pale clone of Lex Luthor."

That last part should offend Mr. Trump more than saying he's no Batman. As Sen. Rand Paul would be happy to point out, Mr. Trump is no pale imitation of Lex Luthor, he could be Lex Luthor incarnate. He has, after all, spent his professional life "buying and selling politicians of all stripes."

In this film image released by Warner Bros., Christian Bale portrays Bruce Wayne and Batman in a scene from "The Dark Knight Rises." (AP PHoto/Warner Bros.) In this film image released by Warner Bros., Christian Bale portrays Bruce Wayne and Batman in a scene from "The Dark Knight Rises." (AP PHoto/Warner Bros.)

The Washington Post published a list of 15 comparisons between Bruce Wayne and Mr. Trump. "One is a 6-foot-2 American billionaire who likes to emblazon a civic phallic symbol with his name. The other is, well, a 6-foot-2 American billionaire who likes to emblazon pretty much anything big with his name;" and, "Each is forever on the lookout for a large spotlight." One has to really hope tongue was inserted firmly in cheek during the authoring of this piece.

Let's be real, Donald Trump is no Batman. We all know this, and since we're being real, Donald Trump knows this as well. This really was nothing more than an adorable, human moment. A moment where Mr. Trump connected with a small boy and ultimately made his day a little brighter. He met Batman, and Batman is running for president. Let's not make this out to be something sinister, or taint the innocence of the moment and of the comment.

If this is the best the liberals have to try to tear Donald Trump down with, the American people could very well be seeing the inauguration of president Trump in January 2017.

With so much his GOP competitors have been able to attack Mr. Trump with, one is left to wonder why the liberal media would choose to make this mountain out of such a petty molehill. The answer is simple: With Mr. Trump's liberal background, they can't attack him on his positions without undermining their own issues. Are they going to attack him for supporting single payer healthcare? Probably not.

Despite what the Huffington Post would have you believe, it would seem as though journalism - true, unbiased, fact-based journalism - is truly dead. No longer do we have a Walter Cronkite to tell us "the way it was." Now, everyone in the mainstream has to inject their narrative into the story and push their agenda, whether the facts support it or not.

No one from the mainstream media declared then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama a liar when he compared himself to Superman, so why that reaction now? As always, there seems to be one standard for the left and another for everyone else. That's yellow journalism at its finest, and frankly, it's disgusting.

Donald Trump may not be the candidate the GOP deserves, he may not even be the candidate the GOP needs, but right now he is the candidate tearing up the polls and if the only thing the liberals have is this, he may be the candidate who hands Hillary - or Bernie - a Batman-sized butt kicking next year.

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