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Boy Scouts Disappoint Right and Left


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The irony behind the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) attempt for a tranquil compromise is that neither side is happy.

In terms, BSA administrators opted to lift the ban on homosexual youth members while still forbidding gay troop leaders. Conservative Christians view this decision as an assault on the traditional moral values the institution was founded upon. Meanwhile, homosexual activists are reeling over a continued lack of “inclusiveness.” The debate rages on.

Texas Governor and former Eagle Scout Rick Perry represented conservative Christian sentiments in a press statement, saying, “The Boys Scouts of America has been built upon the values of faith and family for more than 100 years, and today’s decision contradicts generations of tradition in the name of political correctness. While I will always cherish my time as a scout and the life lessons I learned, I am greatly disappointed with this decision.”

What Christian conservatives can’t understand is why in the world the Boy Scouts dove into this cultural battle in the first place. This fight had already been won. Back in 2000, the Supreme Court affirmed in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale the BSA’s right to exclude openly “gay” members from participating in their scouting program.

As far as internal moral support, the BSA was inundated with backing from parents, troop leaders, former scouts, and sponsors to uphold the ban. Given that 70 percent of all Scout units are sponsored by religious denominations, including many by the conservative faiths — such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — the BSA need not even flirt with the idea of lifting the ban on avowed homosexuals.

Conversely, homosexual activists were left unsatisfied by the BSA decision to allow openly “gay” scouts. In a press release, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) expressed, “The Boy Scouts of America still discriminates against qualified adults who are denied the opportunity to participate in leadership positions because they are gay. Fairness is a fundamental American principle — it’s not to be sliced, diced, divvied up and dictated by prejudice.”

Yet, even the uninformed and uneducated on this issue understood that this step was never going to satisfy homosexual activists. As evidenced by some of the activist organizations, this is a “goodfirst step.” The mistake, however, will be in thinking that the next step of including troop leaders will be enough to placate homosexual activists. But it will not. For troop leaders are not the end game. What they want is indoctrination. Troop leaders must be in place, not as role models, but as teachers of the homosexual agenda.

Or, in the words of one concerned scout mother with whom I recently spoke, “I am a single mother of a now 15-year-old boy. I wanted to have strong, moral, masculine men as role models and mentors for my son, and that is why we joined the BSA. I’m discouraged that they would even consider lifting the ban.”

Logic would suggest that the Boy Scouts have just opened themselves up for countless future lawsuits over sexual assault. Think about it. If society condemns the thought of grown men taking innocent little girls camping in the woods, then why on earth would we ever advocate for grown men attracted to other males to be troop leaders? It is unfathomable to those concerned parents out there, yes, but then again, so was the decision to lift the ban in the first place.

What’s next? Transgendered girls joining the Boy Scouts? This scenario already played out in the Girl Scouts of Colorado. Seven-year-old Bobby Montoya was initially told by a local leader that he could not join the organization because he had “boy parts.” Ever the tolerant group, the Girl Scouts quickly reversed its decision and now welcomes all boys who “[identify] as a girl and the child’s family [present] her as a girl.”

No, for the BSA, the discussion of “inclusiveness” is just beginning. And now conservative parents must reassess their involvement. Because once homosexual troop leaders and cross-dressing girls are welcomed by the BSA, the organization will be a mere shadow of its former self. But I guess that’s to be expected when you throw your oath to be “morally straight” out the window.

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