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Dear Parents: Just What Exactly Are You Teaching Your Children?


Yes, it's abusive for parents to use their children as profane mouthpieces. But what ELSE is this teaching these, and all of our children?


Dear Parents,

I thought Donald Trump was supposed to be the rude one. I thought Donald Trump was supposed to be the vile, hateful, reprehensible reprobate.

Instead, you—in twisted, cowardly selfishness—turned your precious, beautiful children into those very things.

You have opinions about Donald Trump? Va.

But most of the children you put up to the task of telling another human being “f*** you, racist f***” aren’t even old enough to have formed an opinion on much more than breakfast cereal and cartoons, let alone politics.


And yet you’ve tarnished their little minds with hatred, ugliness and profanity—all while you use these dear babies as human shields.

Oh sure. A few adults make an appearance for the last few seconds or so of your vile video. But you’ve stuck your children out front to do the dirty work first.

Maybe you thought it would be funny. Maybe you thought it would garner more attention if you had a little kid slap on a big smile and tell Donald Trump to “get the f*** out of MY country,” or tell the world that Republicans are “pinches [f*cking] racist suckers”

Maybe you just didn’t have the courage of conviction to stand up there yourselves.

Most of us saw this video for the vile and hateful thing it was. A vast majority of people in this country (yes, INCLUDING Latinos) still value honor, especially when it comes to what we’re teaching our children.

Unfortunately for your children, however, the damage is done. And given the fact that you were willing to stick them in front of the camera for the whole world to see, I’m willing to bet you’re probably not teaching your children to behave honorably at home, either.

So, just what exactly are you teaching your children?

You're teaching your kids to resolve disagreements with profanity and vulgarity.

Your video’s director, Luke Montgomery, told the media that your children were just “using a bad word for a good cause.” Or 16 bad words, for that matter. (If you count the three racist pejoratives that neither Donald Trump nor any Republican candidate has used, in “code” or otherwise.)

I remember when dropping the f-bomb would have had me punished so fast my head would’ve spun. Instead, you’re teaching your children that this is how adults handle their disagreements. And maybe that’s true for a growing number of people, but how productive is that, really?

Fast forward 20 years when your child heads in to his or her first job. How far do you think your child’s going to get by telling their coworkers to f*** off every time they don’t agree? With you at the helm of their rearing, they’ll have been steeped in this ethos for a good two decades—so don’t for a second think this isn't a real possiblity.

You're teaching your kids that disagreement automatically equals hate.

Five times your children use “racist” to describe Donald Trump and conservatives/Republicans. Let me ask you a simple question: what exactly is racist about suggesting that people follow the law (like the law or not), and pointing out that actions should have consequences?

I challenge you to find one time in this campaign where Donald Trump, or anyone else running, has made it clear that the disagreement here is rooted in the fact that Latinos are “brown.” Sorry, but advocating that everyone who wants a piece of the American Dream needs to follow the rules like everyone else (ehem, people like MY immigrant husband) doesn't make them guilty of racism.

You’re teaching your kids things that never happened.

Your video makes a lot of accusations. For example: “when you say Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers, you know it’s racist code for words like ‘spics,’ ‘wetbacks’ and ‘beaners.’”

Look, I’m all for good debate. But we need to start on a platform of truth. Donald Trump never said ALL Mexicans were rapist, murderers and drug dealers. He alluded to the fact that SOME of them are. For the record, would you mind proving me wrong? Is every single person coming illegally across the border (which, by the way, is breaking the law in the first place) an innocent family just looking for a better life?

Further, would you mind telling me who killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco? (Or the myriad other victims of illegal immigrants who came here and committed crimes?) Does that mean all immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are criminals? Absolutely not. And Donald Trump never said they were. He’s addressing a very real problem that many are afraid to tackle thanks to people like you, who’ll send your children out to call anyone who does a pinche racist.


You're teaching them that lawlessness should be rewarded.

We can have a whole separate conversation on whether or not the 14th Amendment was supposed to apply the children of immigrants. And since our government has decided (contrary to the amendment’s original intent) that children who are born in the United States are automatically citizens, regardless of whether or not their parents were originally “subject to jurisdiction the jurisdiction thereof” –we’ll work from that premise for now.

Do you realize that by immigrating here illegally or overstaying your visa, and then giving birth to a child who is then entitled to citizenship, and then staying because of that child—you’re teaching your children that it was ultimately ok for YOU to break the law since they got citizenship? What a shame that more people don’t have the courage that Paty Newman’s parents did, when they brought their U.S.-born baby back to Mexico instead of using her citizenship as an excuse to break the law and overstay their visas.

You're teaching your kids that Latinos must be vulgar to be heard.

I’m going to let Chris Salcedo, TheBlaze’s own Liberty Loving Latino radio host, and Executive Director of the Conservative Hispanic Society handle this one:

“They [] have produced a vile video that projects a false narrative of the Latino Community and how we raise our children. Not only does the video lie about a GOP candidate's positions and statements, the "adults" behind the video portray Hispanic children as foul-mouthed, ignorant, disrespectful brats. This video deserves condemnation for its exploitation of children and the feeding of a stereotype of the Latino community as being crass, unthinking reprobates. The American left has tried to perpetuate this myth about Latinos. I utterly reject and condemn this and all efforts by liberals to portray Hispanics as dumb clowns. We do not raise our children to be like this. The loud-mouthed leftist Latinos behind this video are a disgrace to America and to the Hispanic community.”

(To hear my full conversation with Chris, click here.)

Look, we can have disagreements. You can hate Donald Trump’s guts. You can dislike his no-holds-barred (and sometimes undiplomatic) approach. And for the record, it’s not always for me, either.

But, that’s not the point.

What a legacy you’d leave if instead you taught your children to resolve disagreements with civil discussion; if you taught your children to dig deeper into an issue instead of instantly crying racism and bigotry; if you taught your children to respect the law in order to protect their futures.

Revolutionary, I know.

But it’s a thought.

Mary Ramirez is a full-time writer, creator of (a political commentary blog), and contributor to The Chris Salcedo Show (TheBlaze Radio Network, Saturday, from noon to 3 p.m. ET). She can be reached at:; or on Twitter: @AFutureFree

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