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Game Over for Prince Hope-n-Blame


The Prince of Hope-n-Blame has become vengefully dangerous, signing illegal executive orders to fulfill his promise to fundamentally transform (meaning, destroy) America.

President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting with more than 20 foreign defense ministers on the ongoing operations against the Islamic State group, Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. Obama and military chiefs in a show of strength against Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

Once upon a time... a dark cloud settled over a country of decent-and-hard-working people. Fearful about losing their jobs, homes and savings, everyone tossed and turned at night, unable to sleep. Even the grandmothers and grandfathers became short-tempered and snapped at their grandchildren who became fearful and cranky and refused to eat their broccoli or play nice.

Until, TAH! DAH! Along came Prince Hope-n-Blame astride his unicorn, sword of righteousness in one hand, teleprompter in the other. He spoke with such sincerity that the ignorant masses became enthralled by his charming smile, adorable Dumbo ears, and lovely wife who’d suddenly become “proud of her country for the first time" in her life.

Championing himself as THE ONE who could save the country, he double-pinky promised to punish those responsible for the dark cloud of uncertainty, and blamed evil and rich big bankers who worked on the street called “Wall,” and “George the Bush.”

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

Prince Hope-n-Blame triple-pinky promised fundamental transformation and much, much more of everything. Unfortunately, the decent-and-hard-working people didn’t quite understand what he really truly meant by more. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined he meant:

MORE Unemployment...

MORE able-bodied Americans on food stamps and disability...

MORE inflation, economic uncertainty and sustained recession...

MORE spending and borrowing and debt...

MORE taxes to force manufacturing out of the country...

MORE destruction of America’s healthcare system...

MORE teachers’ union influence to dumb down our children...

MORE “delay, deny, and hope you die” for America’s wounded veterans...

MORE foreign policy failures to reduce America’s stature in the world...

MORE illegals flooding into America for welfare, free education, free healthcare and ballots...

MORE IRS harassment against conservative political groups...

MORE spying on all Americans by NSA...

MORE executive orders to ignore the law and bypass Congress...

MORE rules and regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)...

MORE attacks against the Constitution...

...All orchestrated behind MORE heavily fortified double-locked doors in Washington, DC.

Courtesy of Author. (Photo: Courtesy of Author.)

Prince Hope-n-Blame repeated hope and blame and hope and blame so often he cast a spell over the low-information multitudes who became mesmerized in getting even with "them" and enjoying the fruits of "their" labor.

NOBODY QUESTIONED the qualifications of a former community organizer who sat in his Chicago church for 20 years while his Marxist minister spewed hatred against Jews, pasty white people in general, and America in particular.

NOBODY RECALLED how “birds of a feather flock together” when Prince Hope-n-Blame openly admired his “flock” of former radical left-wing college classmates and Marxist professors.

NOBODY CARED that Prince Hope-n-Blame had been AWOL after being elected to the Illinois State Senate because he had been traveling hither and yon (teleprompter in hand) to promote himself and his ghost-written autobiography.

NOBODY NOTICED, on the rare occasions when he attended Senate sessions, that he voted “present” rather than express an opinion. Except when the issue was progressive in nature, like “infanticide” (killing of newborns who survive abortions and are born alive). This he supported twice.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

NOBODY CARED that the place of birth, education and travel records of the soon-to-be-anointed one were hidden from view.

Lame-stream media fell in love with Prince Hope-n-Blame and anointed him as their CHOSEN ONE.

Then, an amazing co-ink-ee-dink occurred two months before the 2008 national election: The worst fears of the decent-and-hard-working citizens came to pass. The housing bubble burst. Millions of people instantly lost equity in their homes and 40% of their retirement savings. Cries of “Oh dear! Oh dear! Woe is me!” echoed far and wide across the country.

“Not to fear, I am THE ONE who will save you from this Bush-generated disaster,” declared Prince Hope-n-Blame. “I will right every wrong so You-the-Commoners can move back onto the path of prosperity leading to happily-ever-after.”

Enough “duped” voters believed in Prince Hope-n-Blame to elect him as their President. During his “inoculation” celebration, the Prince promised to honor the country’s Constitution, follow the Rule of Law, create the most transparent administration ever, and listen to suggestions from all elected representatives in Washington, no matter if they had supported him or not. Everybody clapped and danced and hugged the children, who relaxed, ate their broccoli and played nice.

The decent-and-hard-working citizens sighed, believing, “Whew, the worst is over.”

But then, oh-my-goodness! Oh-my-gracious!

Prince Hope-n-Blame moved into his castle (our White House) and summoned his CHOSEN ONES—political cronies, radical advisors, home-town thugs, union bosses, basketball pals, lobbyists, secular socialists, a few Marxists and communistsall of whom hungered for absolute power and control that would come their way after they fundamentally transformed America.


The new president removed his smiley face (but kept the adorable Dumbo ears) and revealed himself as the Prince of Deception, formerly known as Prince Hope-n-Blame, Barack Hussein Obama, and Barry Soetoro. Secure in the knowledge he would have at least four (maybe eight) years to rule from his White House castle, he smirked when opposition leaders tried to present ideas and opinions, or suggested compromise.

He told them, “I won. You lost! Sit down and shut up!”

Yes, indeed, the Prince of Deception became his authentic, gollywhomper-lying self and smiled as his comrades-in-arms launched hundreds, then thousands of cripple-the-economy rules, regulations and taxes. He diligently followed through on his promise of equality and launched a non-ending barrage of class, gender and racial warfare to separate the “less equals” from the “equals” and the “more equals.”


The Prince of Deception broke his promise of transparency and cloaked corrupt political deals in darkness. He dissed America's honored covenants that promised liberty for all. He wrote Constitutionally illegal executive orders that bypassed Congress and declared, “I don’t need no stinkin’ Congress.”

BUT NOW, the Blame Game is Over.

On November 4, 2014, millions of decent-and-hard-working citizens awoke from their stupor. “What the heck happened to us?” they asked.

FIRST, THEY BLAMED THEMSELVES for being incredibly clueless and allowing themselves to be snookered by the Prince of Deception’s “sincere” teleprompter speeches.

THEY BLAMED THEMSELVES for not noticing how the Prince of Deception’s fellow travelers and left-wing advisors openly admired socialism, communism, the teachings of radicals Saul Alinsky and Marx, and despots like Mao, Stalin, Chavez and Castro.

THEY BLAMED THEMSELVES for not questioning how an Irish-African, former pot smoking dude, son of a polygamist father and single mother, who possessed zero business or leadership experience, had become our president.

THEY BLAMED THEMSELVES for not understanding the liberal/progressive/socialistic meaning of fundamental transformation.

Stressed, frustrated and scared, mom and dads snapped at their children, and grandparents said “no” to their grandchildren who became fearful and cranky, threw up their broccoli, and stopped playing nice.

WHAT’S NEXT? How does this story end?

Will the decent-and-hard-working citizens of the land become victims of fundamental transformation...

of the secular socialists and radicals,

by executive order, and

for special interest groups?

Or, will Americans link arms and hearts, stand up, speak out, and create “happily every after” as we restore our country to, once again, become...

of the people,

by the people, and

for the people.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

America has shifted into “revision mode” as a result of the November 4, 2014 election.

You are the Editor-in-Chief.

Hold the feet of your elected representatives to the fire of freedom. Demand they follow the Rule of Law, put the brakes on lawless acts by the Prince of Deception and his lackeys (unelected bureaucrats), and begin to restore our country.

This column is excerpted and updated from Molli’s quick-read book, “Uncle SCAM Wants Your Money and Your Country.” Download a free PDF copy at her blog, or order ($7.16) from Use her humor to help initiate conversations with the less-aware people in your universe. Entertain, then enlighten them with the truth about our need to wake up, wise up, stand up, speak out, and push back to fundamentally un-transform Obama’s America. A former publisher, Time-Life editor, and six-times published author, Molli helps writers become published authors at

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