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Have You Seen These Outrageous Election Tweets?


Enjoy a quick Twitterverse snap shot of some creative Twitter commentary about the 2016 presidential election and its candidates.

Trump or Hillary? (Jenelle Stone)

The Tweets have spoken. The Twitterverse, which is no stranger to snarky comments and negative rants, has played a large part in the election discussion.

Included are Tweets of support, expressions of disgust, bashing, and approval alike. It's a jumbled up representation of extremely varied viewpoints.

Do these tweets represent how the general public feels — sarcastic and glib — or are they just representative of the ramblings of a few? You decide.

Crawling on Broken Glass. (Twitter)


Bruce Jenner and Hillary Clinton. (Twitter)


Remove the 1 percent. (Twitter)


Vote for Pedro. (Twitter)


When your family votes for Bernie. (Twitter)


Lie of the year. (Twitter)


Trump and women. (Twitter)


Trump or Hillary? (Twitter)


Caribbean chicken. (Twitter)


Trump is like a souring eagle. (Twitter)


Tough decision. (Twitter)


If this isn't enough, search Twitter for hashtags like #Election2016, #presidentialelection, #GOPDebate, and #DemDebate.

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