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Hint to Leftists: you only hurt yourselves when you panic over everything Trump does

Matt Walsh
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Today, President Trump announced his decision to leave the onerous and counterproductive Paris climate agreement, which, though unenforceable, was supposed to curb climate change and prevent the global temperature from rising another 2 degrees. I'm not sure that anyone really knows why 2 degrees was arbitrarily selected, but, anyway, we're out now. Thank God. The whole idea that the world would band together to try and control the climate is, in a word, bonkers. There are other words you could use to describe this fake treaty. "Unconstitutional" would be one of them. "Fraudulent" another.

Of course, the Left is unhappy with Trump's decision. There are other words you could use to describe their reaction. Apoplectic, would be one. Hysterical. Panicked. Enraged. Stark raving mad. Basically, they have reacted to this the way they react to literally everything Trump does. This agreement was just signed a couple of years ago, and many on the Left have already admitted it doesn't do much of anything, yet still they tell us that pulling out of this useless thing will result in the extinction of all life on Earth. I'm not exaggerating, by the way. That's really what they're saying.

The Huffington Post's homepage had an image of the Earth on fire with the headline: "Trump to Earth: Drop Dead." A prominent Democrat donor said that Trump has now committed a "traitorous act of war against the American people." The "act of war" theme has been pretty prominent, with some Leftists claiming that Trump has actually declared war on "the very idea of life." (Funny, I thought Planned Parenthood had already done that.) The Federalist compiled a quick list of some of the other overblown reactions, including claims that Trump's decision is racist, it will kill our children, it will doom the planet, and because of all of this, Trump should now be the subject of a class action lawsuit filed against him by the entire population of the country. And these, by the way, are not random, obscure people on Twitter. This is the overwhelming response from both the obscure and the prominent on the Left. This has been the overwhelming response to everything over the last five months. Every Trump decision, statement, tweet, typo, grunt and belch has provoked this sort of mass hysteria. The man can't eat his waffles in the morning without some liberal accusing him of ushering in the death of all mankind.

It seems the Left will never learn -- and I suppose I'm glad they won't -- that their criticisms of Trump can't ever be taken seriously if they run naked and screaming through the streets every time he does or says anything. I understand that we live in a partisan age where tribal loyalties require you to oppose everything the president does if he doesn't have the right letter next to his name, but now we seem to have entered an advanced stage where you not only must oppose everything he does, but you must claim that everything he does is mass murder and treason. I know we've gotten so used to this nonsense already that we just laugh at it, but the implications here are disturbing. How can this country function when half of its citizens have decided that the president is an actual comic book super villain who has hatched a devious plan to annihilate human civilization just for the Hell of it? This is really what they think. I can't even overstate their madness for humorous effect anymore. It really is this bad.

But what I've realized is that nobody actually cares about being taken seriously. Leftists must know, at some level, that they discredit themselves when they put on this kind of fireworks display over an agreement that wasn't going to accomplish anything and that most of them probably know nothing about anyway. They know it but they don't care. Nobody is trying to communicate anymore. Nobody is trying to make a point, express a thought, have a reasoned debate about anything. This is all just a bunch of roaring and chest thumping for its own sake. Nihilistic is probably the best word for it. "Hey, we're bored so let's freak out about this thing for the next two and a half days."

Do these people honestly think that armageddon is now on the horizon because Trump decided to abandon some bureaucratic international agreement they've never read and don't understand? I doubt it. Sure, if they start buying their provisions and building their doomsday bunkers, maybe I'll believe that they believe it. But they won't do that. They'll kick and scream and make outrageous claims, and then they'll move on to the next thing. Rinse and repeat. These are all just a bunch of temper tantrums. Because that's all that political discourse in America is these days: a never ending series of temper tantrums.

Sound and fury signifying nothing.

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