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How Exactly Is Barack Obama Looking Out For You and Me?

How Exactly Is Barack Obama Looking Out For You and Me?

I recently saw Jay Leno discussing the upcoming election with Dennis Miller on The Tonight Show. At one point Leno said of President Obama; “I think he has compassion for regular people.”  It’s not the first time I’ve heard that. I do a lot of talk radio and I’m lucky to hear many different perspectives on many different topics. Often, I’ll get an Obama supporter call me. Once we work past the, “you must be a racist, conservative talk show host,” allegation, I really try to get some insight into why this person is such a lock, stock and barrel supporter of the current president. It generally comes down to his “compassion for regular people.”

I’ve spent some time looking into this and, for the life of me, can’t find anything that would suggest that’s how this president feels.

What I get is that he’s a big government, big power bully, unresponsive and confrontational to the representation we’ve voted in to look after our concerns in Washington, D.C.. The days of “Yes We Can,” and “Si Se Puede,” and “Change You Can Believe In ,” are all long gone.

What we’re left with is a real record. How does a president who almost immediately raised taxes on smokers — after having promised he wouldn’t raise any taxes of any kind on anyone making less than 200k individually or 250k as a household — by 62 cents a pack have compassion for regular people? Regular people smoke. The median income is well below those numbers. Yes, smoking os harmful, but legal, and in taxing smokers higher the president has broke his promise. Is that compassionate?

How is it compassionate to push through an over 800 BILLION dollar “stimulus,” that didn’t stimulate anything but a bunch of pork barrel earmarks for political friends of President Obama? It was supposed to keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent. It’s been above 8 percent for nearly four years now. In other words, the United States of America is still suffering through a net job loss since President Obama and his Stimulus. How is that compassionate? What if you were a regular person who was a shareholder in General Motors? How compassionate has he been to you?

You see, GM, the once dominant automaker on the planet, had let the United Auto Workers call the shots for far too long. GM was making money hand over fist and would basically give the UAW whatever it wanted. Go to Michigan and ask the workers away from cameras and microphones what they call GM 'Generous Motors!' The workers had the company over a barrel but, as long as the cars and trucks and SUVs were selling, GM management was dumb enough to give in to any and all demands. Until it couldn’t anymore.

The compassionate thing for President Obama to do when GM was facing failure was to let the company file for bankruptcy. That would have forced the UAW and GM to renegotiate the contract and the company could have been bought by private interests to rework how the company did business. Instead, President Obama did not let GM file bankruptcy until after giving the company tens of billions of our dollars and telling the shareholders, “you get 10 cents on the dollars you invested.” The shareholders cried foul and asked for at least 20 cents. Obama called them, “greedy.” They ended up with 10. Then the company after squandering our investment, filed for bankruptcy after all. What’s strange is, “compassionate” Obama is on the campaign trail saying Romney would have let GM and Chrysler fail when, in essence, what Romney said is the companies could have been much better managed had they been brought to bankruptcy sooner rather than later. Did I mention that after President Obama squeezed out the shareholders, he gave a huge percentage of the new GM to the organization whose greed led to the company’s demise? Yup, the UAW. Why?  Because the Obama campaign needs the backing of big labor to stay in power. How exactly is that compassion for regular people?  By the way, the taxpayers — the people he’s allegedly compassionate about — stand to lose 25 billion dollars on the deal. That’s chicken scratch to President Obama and his ilk. In the end, it’s only about power and control. Compassion doesn’t play a role.

I’ve often heard, “Obama has compassion for people with preexisting conditions and who can’t get health care,” as exemplified by the 2700-page Affordable Health Care Act. This is a huge lie in America today. Of those who wanted health care and were not already eligible to get it through an existing program, only about 10 million people, needed help. But why 2700 pages? Why not just figure out a way to help them get their own insurance? Why not start personal accounts that would follow us from our first job to our last?  Because President Obama is NOT compassionate about regular people. What President Obama and the left did with Obamacare was take over control of 1/6th of our economy — health care. The eventual plan is to push your premiums and mine up so high that the only “affordable” option is a single-payer system controlled by Washington. This system includes a major cut in Medicare seniors funded their entire working lives and have planned on relying on in retirement, as well as a 15 member appointed by President Obama board which gets to decide who gets what treatment and when. Is this compassion? Or a wholesale power grab?

People need to get real. Most who voted for President Obama in 2008 are considering doing the same thing again, because they like him. They think he’s like them in some way and that, because he is good with turn of phrase and has good timing while telling a joke, is somehow more regular than most politicians. Guess what? He’s not. He’s an anti-baby, pro-higher taxes, pro-big government, anti-Constitution, anti-free enterprise politician.

It was quite the experiment — electing an inexperienced far-leaning leftist into the White House. Time now to get this country back on track.  And, that’s the just about the most compassionate way to look at the current political situation we face today in the US.

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