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Islamic State Bursts Decorative Balloons in Syria Because They Are Reminiscent of This


Despite their pretension toward chastity and purity, Islamic State appears to believe women should be obscene and not heard.

Supporters of the Islamic State carry the terror group's flag. (AP Photo)

I've said it before, but it bears repeating.

Muslims — or at least the subset of them willing to chop off the heads of disbelievers in the name of Islam — are utterly and completely obsessed with sex. Despite their protestations of purity, which manifests itself in forcing their women to cover up from head to toe when in public, they are among the most sex-crazed creatures to walk the planet Earth.

Need evidence?

Supporters of the Islamic State carry the terror group's flag. (AP Photo) 

Take their well-publicized reward for martyrdom in the name of Islam: 70 (count 'em, 70) virgins. And it's not just dudes that get to indulge their sexual fancies after the shuffle off this mortal coil. Women who carry out suicide missions receive one young man with “a penis that never bends” upon entering paradise.

This is not to suggest that their obsession with fleshly pursuits doesn't have its kinkier side. Consider the fatwa handed down in 2014 by an Egyptian cleric that effectively sanctions male-on-female voyeurism so long as the "eye candy" is one’s betrothed.

From Al Arabiya:

An Egyptian preacher … issued a fatwa allowing a man to see his wife-to-be “while she is showering” before they marry.

In a video, Salafist preacher Usama al-Qawsi said that the man can “hide” while watching the woman he “intends to marry” bathe.

“If you were really honest and wanted to marry that woman, and you were able to hide and watch her in secret, see the things that she wouldn’t usually let you see before marrying her, then it is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure,” Qawsi said in a video.

The latest example of Islamofascist gutter mind comes from the Mirror, which recounts an anecdote told by a Christian living in the Islamic State capital of Raqqa, Syria:

"A shopkeeper had a red balloon in the shape of a heart in his window. [Islamic State] came in, screaming that this was a sin.

"The shopkeeper said it was just a balloon. The [Islamic State] man insisted that this was sin because the shape could also be seen as a woman’s breasts. The shopkeeper had to pop the balloon.”

As Sigmund Freud is reputed to have said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Liberals, from the president on down, continue to preach tolerance for Islam, which they defend as a "religion of peace." Although it’s not obviously that, for most of its estimated 1.6 billion practitioners worldwide, we don’t want to count all those practitioners out as peace partners, since most of them never engage in ideological violence.

But there does have to be some basis for common expectations. Are we really supposed to try to share a perspective that sees a red heart-shaped balloon as a salacious depiction of female breasts — and then wants to attack it? And if we do, where exactly do we go with that perspective? How does it serve as a guide to us, in “tolerating” Islam?

Doesn’t it challenge us, instead, to simply give up our own perspective on romance, sex, modesty, and the place of men and women in society? Islam has been called a “seventh century death cult” by its critics, and the basic problem with Western liberals’ formula for tolerating it is that we keep having to give in to perspectives that are completely alien to us. The weirdly punitive obsession with sex is certainly one of them.

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