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Islam's time-tested weapon: Testosterone


While our Department of Defense wants to study whether a testosterone boost will enhance battlefield performance, it is testosterone that has fueled Muslim warriors for 1,400 years.

Suspected members of the Islamic State group wait to be taken for interrogation after being found among civilians returning to Ramadi for the first time since the city was taken back by Iraqi government forces earlier this year, in Ramadi, Iraq, Sunday, April 3, 2016. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

The U.S. Department of Defense announced this month it will undertake an unusual study. It seeks to determine if boosting a warrior’s testosterone will translate into enhanced muscle and mental performance over extended periods of combat.

DOD need not waste its money. The answer is yes, evidenced by the fact we now are fighting our longest war against a testosterone-driven enemy.

Our warriors can attest to it. During the past 15 years, while concluding one war in Iraq, they have continuously had to fight another in Afghanistan—both wars against an enemy with a 1,400-year track record substantiating the answer.

To understand this, one first need understand how Prophet Muhammad enticed Muslim warriors to join Islam’s cause.

It all began in the 7th century after Muhammad experienced his Kodak moment with Archangel Gabriel—who became the conduit by which he and Allah supposedly communicated.

Suspected members of the Islamic State group wait to be taken for interrogation after being found among civilians returning to Ramadi for the first time since the city was taken back by Iraqi government forces earlier this year, in Ramadi, Iraq, Sunday, April 3, 2016. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Muhammad definitely understood the male human psyche. He knew it was driven by desires of wealth, power and sex. As Allah “shared” various revelations with Muhammad, the Prophet gained followers by playing up all three vices. Unfortunately, these rewards came at the expense of non-believers. Among the three, importantly for most Muslims, undoubtedly, was libido.

Muhammad knew libido cut both ways. While it temporarily served to satisfy a male’s biological urges, its intimacy ran the risk of fostering a more familial relationship with a sexual partner. This, Muhammad feared, for it distracted the warrior from the ultimate sacrifice jihad might necessitate.

Muhammad could not allow a female’s allure to distract males from their role as warriors for Islam. The solution involved sought to prevent it while still satisfying the warrior’s testosteronic needs.

This demanded Muslim males not view Muslim women as equals. For this reason, women were made subservient to them. The wife’s obligation was to meet the husband’s sexual demands, as well as to field a future warrior army. To diffuse any one female’s allure, Allah allowed males multiple wives.

Undoubtedly, the rationale for multiple wives was a belief the more mares available in the husband’s marital stable, the less clingy he would become to one in particular. Enjoying each, husbands, unburdened by familial ties, were less likely to be distracted from their warrior role. This prompted Muhammad to equate Muslim wives to domestic animals. As the highly revered 13th century Islamic scholar al-Qurtubi noted, Muhammad’s teachings likened a woman “to a sheep—even a cow or a camel—for all are ridden.”

To further diminish the familial bond, Muslim warriors were empowered to satisfy their sexual needs in other ways. These too evolved to keep the warrior’s eyes upon the perpetual fight—still pursued today—for Islam’s global domination.

Islam prohibits premarital sex, but unmarried males were not to be denied their sexual satisfaction. Here, too, Islam made special provisions. Males were and are permitted to engage in “nikah mut’ah”—a temporary marriage for a limited time period.

While “mut’ah” means a contract between a man and a woman, the arrangement is clearly one allowing males to have sex while “on the go”, i.e., pre-occupied elsewhere imposing Islam upon others. And, since males are permitted multiple wives, such temporary marriages benefitted them as well.

While Muslim females lack equality with Muslim males, non-Muslim females fail to register on Islam’s totem pole of humanity. Captured non-Muslim women and children became sex slaves—a Muslim warrior’s spoils of war. As such, they were and are still used, abused and/or put up for sale—treated as chattel. Most recently, Islamic State has claimed this right as one handed down through the centuries.

And, as for those Muslim warriors slain trying to fulfill their Islamic duty, no pity party need be held. Here, too, the testosterone card was smartly played by Muhammad. Followers inspired to give their all on the battlefield were assured even greater sexual pleasures awaited them in Paradise.

Most religions focus on the afterlife’s spirituality; Islam does not. For Muslim warriors willing to die in furtherance of jihad, the focus overwhelmingly is on sensual pleasures. One need only listen to imams today assuring male flocks that, once in Paradise, “They will be busy tearing hymens” of virgins there. Interestingly, the Paradise Allah created provides its residents with the same material rewards they sought while in their earthly bodies.

Unsurprisingly, Islam’s Paradise caters primarily to men in what is best described as a heavenly brothel.

Earthly taboos against sex and alcohol no longer are enforced. Wine runs freely but is not intoxicating. Males enjoy sex with an endless supply of compliant, “eternal virgins” endowed with “large breasts…free from menstruation, menopause, urinal and other discharges, child bearing…” Such virgins seem to undergo a re-virginization process for, after intercourse, they return later, virgins once again.

Overwhelmed with virgins and sexual desire in Paradise, Muslim males need not worry about sexual performance—for Allah imbues them with the virility of a hundred men.

Interestingly, while Islam may ban homosexuality on earth, even that ban appears lifted in Paradise. Thus, the afterlife is made to appeal to Muslim warriors of all sexual persuasions.

Additionally, as few Muslim women are granted entry to Paradise, hen-pecked husbands (should any exist) need not worry about encountering wives.

Curiously unforeseen by “the Prophet” in his time, Muslim warriors today suffer consequences of the sex trade in which they engage. In those areas under Islamic State control, unprotected intercourse with sex slaves, exchanged among multiple partners, has sidelined many fighters due to an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases.

As one critic describes it, “Islam is Freudian libido unleashed…(it) glorifies the most naked, destructive passions of human nature…” Sadly, Muhammad successfully channeled this passion into a weapon of war that, for at least 1,400 years, has withstood the test of time.

Will a testosterone boost enhance a warrior’s battlefield performance? Muhammad has shown it does. This, unfortunately, has been demonstrated at tremendous cost to the non-Muslim world.

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