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Last Night Did Nothing to Change the Dynamic of This Race: Mitt Romney Is Ahead

Last Night Did Nothing to Change the Dynamic of This Race: Mitt Romney Is Ahead

Two weeks from today, we will go to the polls and choose a president. A NEW president.

Last night's final debate did nothing to change the dynamic of this race: Mitt Romney is ahead, Barack Obama is falling behind, and thus, Romney

looked like the poised incumbent while the incumbent himself looked like a desperate challenger flailing about with indiscriminate and dishonest attacks. Romney was steady as he goes, while Obama was reduced to nipping at Romney's heels.

As to the debate itself: Was that a foreign policy debate? You had to listen closely to hear the foreign policy and national security issues make cameos in a debate otherwise about the U.S. economy. Iran, al Qaeda, Libya, Russia, China, Latin America all got some attention. But both Obama and  Romney saw it in their interest to navigate carefully the controversial issues of war and peace, and then steer toward domestic matters. Obama tried to pound his shopworn and losing message of ever-more government spending(euphemism: "investment") to "nation-build here at home," while Romney spoke

often of Obama's disastrous economy and his own pro-growth policies to get job creation going.

And because that ended up being the playing field, Romney won.

Obama is presiding over a weakening economy and a foreign policy in collapse, neither of which he can defend because both are a DIRECT result of his policies. So he came off as petulant and defensive, while Romney remained calm, responsible, thoughtful, and solutions-oriented. Obama was trying to bait Romney into repeated fights, a trap into which he did not fall. Romney denied Obama and the Left an opening to paint him as a hotheaded

"warmonger," which was the last remaining smear in their arsenal.

And then there were the standard-issue Obama lies. He lied about having never made an "apology tour" to the Muslim world and other parts of the

globe. He lied about Romney's position on the auto bailouts. He lied about his position on keeping troops in Iraq. He lied about the budget sequestration when he said Congress had proposed it and it "won't happen."

The truth?  His administration proposed it, he signed it into law, and unless he and Congress move in dramatic fashion, those devastating cuts to

defense are coming.

Of course, as Obama was lying, he engaged in classic Alinskyesque projection by accusing Romney of lying. Except, as Twitter friend Tres Berden has

pointed out, Obama "constantly says, 'That's not true---' but never comes back with anything to refute the alleged false statement."

Obama wasted a year and a half trying to destroy Romney while failing to articulate a vision for America's future--which is what Romney has done over and over and over again. THAT is true leadership, and the American people know it. While Obama was small and petty, Romney was Reaganesque:  strong, principled, and a true Happy Warrior. And with that, he won...the debate, and maybe the election.

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