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The Blaze Radio’s Severin: Obama Victory Is Not Terrible, It’s ‘Catastrophic’
HICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 06: U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his victory speech after being reelected for a second term at McCormick Place November 6, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Obama won reelection against Republican candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The Blaze Radio’s Severin: Obama Victory Is Not Terrible, It’s ‘Catastrophic’

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In these few nostalgic hours I'll be spending on the soil of the former United States of America (R.I.P.) - prior to the departure of my one-way flight to Iceland - let's consider the electoral outcome.

Obama's win is not terrible, as many of us imagine.

Not terrible. It is Catastrophic.

The nature, magnitude and impact of an Obama victory has never quite been understood.

Among patriots, one commonly hears "We Can't Survive Another Four Years of Obama."

Actually, we might.

Make no mistake: "make it" means like the victim of a hideous car crash, whose relatives are told by physicians "we think she'll 'Make It' "....(but she'll never be the same.)

Oh, we may "make it" through another Obama sentence.

But we'll never be the same.

It will be profoundly dreadful: confiscatory taxes; massive government growth; exploding deficit; widespread unlawfulness protected - nay, promoted - by the government; uncontrolled illegal immigration; open, unbridled racial preferences in every facet of life; hostility and grave threats - and perhaps dismantling - of various Free Speech sources, especially Talk Radio and Any Media unsupportive of Obama. Oba-Medicine, the absolute end of personal choice in medical care, including - Yes- Death Panels, for real; the gutting of our military; Obama's promised post-election "flexibility" (i.e. surrender) toward our blood enemies and other forms of Gangster Government by a Gangster President should be expected.

Ultimately, America will be presided over by an un-American domestic enemy of the Constitution of the United States of America. Someone who isn't, has never been, American in any sense of the word. Other than that, we'll "make it," on paper.

Individuals, business and families will be ruined - their future plans snatched away forever. And that all is not even the worst of it.

The Real Reason Obama's win is horrific is not his next four years, per se, despite the limited preview above.


The horror (the horror) is what Obama's electoral victory means beyond four years.

It means we've reached the dreaded tipping point: the moment at which those who rely on someone else (you) for their living now control the vote.

It means the takers make up at least 50%+1.

That means we haven't merely been sentenced to another FOUR years of Obamunism (aka Marxism, Socialism) - but an endless series of Obamas.

If we couldn't win this one - given Obama's manifest failings and grotesque beliefs and values coupled with a terrible economy - someone please explain to me how we win in 2016, and with whom?!

The demographic and political numbers for us become exponentially less hospitable as every day passes - e.g. even Texas - Texas! - hovers on the edge of tipping into Blue State status.

If Texas become the next New York and California (and beware Florida!) - an automatic, massive infusion of electoral votes, could that same person please explain to me how any non-Democrat candidate rationalizes a viable Electoral College strategy?

Save your time. It doesn't exist.

WE don't exist. By WE, I mean the America in which you and I grew up.

The people to whom we said "Get a Job!" or "Learn English!" decided instead to take the money from your job and speak whatever they damned well please.

Gilligan's Island and Belief in God Was America.

Now American Idol and Jay-Z and Beyonce Are America.

Nauseating, but destiny.

An Obama win presages four more years of a government wrecking crew demolishing what's left of the America we knew - but, sickeningly, it clears the path for an era of Socialism. Obama's win signals America's entry into the Dark Ages and, arguably, the end of the values, institutions and essence of what made us America and Americans.

You've witnessed an Obama mitigated by the prospect of answering to voters in another election. No more.

You, we, ain't seen nothing yet.

​Listen to Jay Severin exclusively (and for free) on TheBlaze radio ​weekdays from 2-5 here.

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