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My Life in Israel Over the Last 48 Hours


My friends, the world should not be condemning Israel for going into Gaza, they should be THANKING us.

I have just returned from two days in the south of Israel being with my people who are living under impossible conditions. Just in the last 48 hours, I experienced the 'racing into bomb shelters' when air raid sirens went off. ...Several times.

Being cooped up and pressed against people whose names I do not know but who are my brothers and sisters, waiting in these bomb shelters, or taking refuge behind walls because there was no nearby shelter when the missiles came heading for us, we would together hear the BOOMS and THUDS, and then feel the ground shake beneath our feet. After a stressful day, arriving at where we'd be sleeping for the night, we were awakened to yet another siren a little after 12:30am. Shaking my husband awake and in the dark going quickly to the 'safe room' that all new apartments and homes have in Israel (by law), we waited until we heard the BOOMS and thuds.

After it was over, I went to the balcony to see if I could see anything in the dark. Nothing, but I could smell what seemed like gunfire powder from the explosion of the missiles by the Iron Dome anti-Missile system which must have exloded somewhere above our building. After a siren wakes you, it is hard to go back to sleep, and thus a night's sleep is robbed, and yet you have to function and be on your toes the next day. And then the next morning brought several more alarms, booms, and thuds.

Once I didn't make it in time to the shelter, and I saw in the sky--as the siren was blaring--an Iron Dome anti-missile shooting through the air. I was looking for the incoming missile, and then a flash of light and a BOOM and then I saw a burned grey shape in the sky where the terrorist's grad missile exploded.  It was (in a negative way) AWESOME, wow, wow, wow. I then went for cover as more missiles were likely to come.

Though one can train themselves to remain calm, the body is under intense stress that builds up with every alarm and missile income. Friday morning, my husband and I had to pack up and leave the south, we did not want to go, but we needed to be back home in the Jerusalem area (YESHA) to be with our children and wider family for the Sabbath.  That night, back in the Jerusalem area, we ourselves heard a siren of an incoming missile some where. Only here, we don't have a 'safe room/bomb shelter' as our homes are older. We went to the safest room in the house with the least amount of windows and the most insulated. No peace it seemed.

Re-wind-back 24 + hours:

My son, who is in the IDF paratroopers, and just 21 years old, called me because he knew he was being sent into Gaza. He called at about 11:45pm and asked my husband if I was awake, and to please put me on the phone with him. "Eema," which means 'mother' in Hebrew, "This is it." he said.

IN OTHER WORDS he was telling me that they received orders to go into Gaza. I got a lump in my throat. He continued talking to me over the phone, "Eema, if I have hurt you in any way, please forgive me. I love you Eema. And tell all my siblings (he named them all) if I don't get to speak with them again, that I love them. And tell grandma and grandpa also, ok?"

I realized, in slow motion, that this was his 'goodbye phone call' to me, to his father, and to the family. I didn't expect it. It was too soon. I mean, I always knew he may be one of the ones sent into the terrorist's nest to do the job that has to be done to protect the innocent, but it was never 'for sure'.

What could a mother do? I tried to speak, but I broke down as the reality of the meaning of this call hit me. "I love you sweetheart" I choked out, "I will always love you! Take care of yourself! Be safe, I am praying for you!" and I started to cry,  two gulps came out and then I quickly regained my composure and got the words out, "I will give your siblings your message, yes, I will tell them for you. Stay strong!"

I am one of thousands of mothers whose child is now ready to go into Gaza, and may have gotten a call similar to this. Our boys are now being sent in to fight and uproot the terrorists who want to kill us here in Israel, and when finished (G-d forbid with us), these terrorists would turn their eyes to you in the West to kill you too.

You see, we here in Israel are the 'Little Satan', and you in America are the 'Big Satan.'  We, the Jews are the Saturday People, and you in the West are the 'Sunday People', and they want to kill us all. We (the West and Israel) did not want this war. This war has been thrust upon us. While Israel is being rained on with missiles from these criminal Islamic terrorists, we are the ones who have the job of cleaning up and hopefully removing these cruel ones from the face of this earth so innocent men, women, and children can live in peace and safety.

The world should not be condemning Israel for going into Gaza, they should be THANKING us.

Please pray for our sons and daughters who have to go into Gaza. Please recite these Psalms,  130, 121, 83, 20, 91,  and please pray for the nation of Israel under fire, and that G-d blesses our soldiers and keeps them safe, and that He gives wisdom and courage to our leadership to do the right thing and ensure peace and security to not only us here in Israel, but also to all peaceful and freedom loving people around the world.

My son, and all our soldiers could use your prayers.

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