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No, Employers Shouldn't Be Forced To Accommodate Pregnant Employees


I'm going to tell you why I think employers shouldn't be legally forced to 'accommodate' pregnant women, but we need to begin by running through a few important details.

First, the situation: This week, the Supreme Court is hearing a pregnancy discrimination case involving UPS and a former employee named Peggy Young. In 2002, Peggy became a driver for the company, delivering overnight packages from an airport shuttle to nearby homes and shops. Four years later, Peggy got pregnant through IVF and obtained a note from her doctor explaining that she cannot lift anything over 20 pounds. Unfortunately, although her particular route involved mostly light packages and letters in envelopes, the position still requires that all workers are able to carry items up to 70 pounds. This requirement is explicitly outlined for all new applicants, so it certainly came as no surprise to anyone.

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