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Obama is Right: Change the Washington Redskins’ Name


I finally agree with Obama about an important issue. The problem is they want to change the wrong half of the name. The offensive term is “Washington" - not "Redskins."

I finally agree with Obama about an important issue.

Now that the government shutdown is over, let’s get back to the really important stuff - like changing the name of the Washington Redskins. You know - the official team that represents D.C. The team the D.C. politicians live and die for. They won yesterday. The beloved Skins upset the big bad Chicago Bears. Redskin football is back in vogue. But bleeding heart, politically-correct liberal politicians can't allow that name "Redskins" to continue to embarrass them. That name is a stain upon their socialist badges of honor.

I agree. President Obama is right. So is pathetically liberal sports commentator Bob Costas. The Washington Redskins name is very offensive. It must be changed, and the sooner the better.

The problem is they want to change the wrong half of the name. The offensive term is “Washington.” The name “Washington” is poisonous.  It’s a disgusting, revolting, shameful word. I cringe every time I hear it. “Washington” brings far more embarrassment to the team than "Redskins." Poll the average fan. I double dare you!

When I think of Washington, I think of corrupt thieves and frauds. I think of lobbyists looting my country. I think of Democrat politicians who never met a tax they didn’t like. I think of D.C. lawyers rigging the system to allow extortion and prevent reform of frivolous lawsuits.

I think of the more than 6,000 new government rules and regulations created by Obama each quarter of this year. The reason Washington feels the pain of the middle class, is because Washington is causing it.

I think of Obama telling us that Obamacare would reduce the debt, reduce the cost of health insurance, save jobs, and would never affect the quality of healthcare. Instead the debt is exploding; because of Obamacare the only jobs are crummy, crappy part-time jobs. As far as quality of care - we’re adding 30 to 40 million new patients with no new doctors. As a matter of fact studies prove that 70 percent of doctors are now thinking of retiring because of Obamacare. So add 40 million new patients and subtract a few million doctors. That’s the kind of results you get from Washington.

Oh did I forget to mention the cost of health insurance? Instead of going down by $2,500 per year (as Obama promised), it’s up by $3,000 per year. But that's just a small start. Obama’s own IRS predicts, because of Obamacare, that health insurance will be over $20,000 per year for the average family by 2016. More proof that you can always count on “Washington” to over-promise, under deliver, lie, misrepresent, and commit fraud. Hell of a brand name, huh?

And how about that just-ended government shutdown? As usual the GOP collapsed and capitulated. It was an utter cluster fruck. They managed to agree to a compromise deal that gave all the back pay to overpaid government employees. But those employees are the ones in charge of a government that is $17 trillion in debt.

The new deal the GOP agreed to not only failed to defund Obamacare, it does nothing to postpone it, or even slow it. They didn’t solve the debt catastrophe - they actually raised the debt ceiling, allowing even more wasteful spending. They did nothing to slow the expansion of government (which is why we have reached the debt ceiling in the first place). They even agreed to take away some of the cuts of the sequester. And the whole agreement is temporary- it just kicks the can down the road. Great job guys!

Washington is the real Sin City. It’s one big whorehouse. A place where prostitution is not only legal, but celebrated. But it’s all hidden, because the prostitutes are called by a fancy name- Senator. And these whores are rewarded with unimaginable riches- ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He came to Washington with nothing, but somehow became a multi-millionaire on a $170,000 salary. Washington is full of magicians pulling miracles out of their briefcases.

This is why everyone hates Washington. That is why everyone hates Congress. That is why the weak-willed, cowardly Republicans of Washington are despised by their own base. Obama’s ratings also hit all-time lows. And the latest polls show that only 13% of Americans approve of the direction of the country. A pox on all of them in Washington.

So yes, Obama is right. So is Bob Costas. The word “Washington” has to go, before the stink of that name ruins the image of the Redskins forever more.

So the new name could be changed to “America’s Redskins” or “Virginia Redskins” or “The Capital Redskins.” Or if both names need to go, “The American Patriots” or “Virginia Patriots.” As long as “Washington” is removed, I’ll join the fight for a name change.

And why stop with the football team? While we're at it, let's deal with Washington itself. The city. Let's just throw all the bums out. Find a new name for America's capital, fire all the current employees that have helped create a $17 trillion national debt, and start over with a new Congress in 2014. It's time to remove the word "Washington" forever from our memory. It's just too painful.

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