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Obama's Foreign Policy: 'Don't do Stupid Sh*t!
President Barack Obama speaks about the situation in Iraq, Thursday, June 19, 2014, in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington. Obama said the US will send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq, set up joint operation centers. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Obama's Foreign Policy: 'Don't do Stupid Sh*t!

Is Obama's foreign policy incredibly stupid or cleverly camouflaged to conceal his "doctrine of decline?"

Once upon a time in America, leaders spoke clearly and eloquently. President Harry Truman accepted responsibility when he declared “the buck stops here.” President John F. Kennedy inspired Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

President Barack Obama smirks while explaining his foreign policy doctrine as “don’t do stupid sh*t.” Which, of course, he does, with strategic blunders and comments that support his agenda of failure that diminishes America’s stature worldwide.

For example...in 2012, Obama declared “We got bin Laden and al Qaeda’s on the run.”

With that statement, Obama demonstrated belief in that which does not exist, like the tooth fairy, unicorns, and global warming. He telegraphed his ignorance about al Qaeda which operates like “whack a mole.” Smack ’um down in one place, they pop up, bigger, badder, and bolder in another. (BTW: Jihadists have expanded their ranks by 58 percent since 2010.)

Does Obama dwell in a fairy-tale world populated by unicorns, fairy dust, and folks who dance around a Maypole and decide to “just get along?” Courtesy of Author. Does Obama dwell in a fairy-tale world populated by unicorns, fairy dust, and folks who dance around a Maypole and decide to “just get along?” Courtesy of Author.

Stupidly boasting about his great accomplishment of killing bin Laden, Obama revealed a simplistic world view that emboldens our enemies who salivate at the evidence of America’s “doctrine of decline.”

In 2011, Obama followed advice from Secretary of State Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton and led from behind to bomb the heck out of Libya for humanitarian reasons. While 161 American missiles (at $1.4 million each) were lobbed from our fleet offshore, Obama shrugged off the cost because he believed there was no price too high to pay for such an honorable purpose.

So, who really truly was assisted in Libya? Bad guys who surrendered and enrolled in rehab programs? No! Obama’s humanitarian missile barrage create a power vacuum that was filled by al Qaeda operatives who established training camps. And, while destruction rained in Libya, hundreds of American made, ground-to-air Stinger missiles went missing. Whoopsie!

Is this all part of Obama’s share-the-weapons doctrine intended to level the mid-east playing field, including dozens of Iraqi cities?

Speaking of Syria, President Bashar al-Assad had been slaughtering his own people for years until Obama decided that 100,000+ deaths were enough and demanded that Assad “hit the road” which he didn’t. So Obama drew a red line, then tried to pin responsibility on the international community. Then, Obama’s mouthpiece, Secretary of State John Kerry, threatened an incredibly insignificant missile attack against Syria, but cancelled the concept when Congress objected with, “No way dude!” Whew! This let Obama and Kerry off the hook.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

Then, our feckless leader flashed his angry face and waggled his finger while demanding that Assad surrender his chemical weapons, which he didn’t. Obama passed the collect-the-chemical-weapons-stockpile-buck to Assad’s pal, President Putin of Russia. Unfortunately, Putin, totally preoccupied with Ukraine invasion plans and searching for his missing shirt, failed to follow through as agreed. As a result, Assad, unafraid of outside interference, returned to business as usual (killing more citizens).

Once again, Obama shifted focus to golf and paid no attention to Syria. This set the stage for Assad to export his Islamic terrorists (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), now armed with the “missing” Stinger missiles, into Iraq. As ISIS killing hordes slaughter their way toward Baghdad, the Iraq military flees in terror, abandoning weapons and Humvees from 505 American bases created with the blood, sweat, and tears of our brave warriors.

[sharequote align="center"]Is it any wonder that America’s world status plummets as rapidly as Obama‘s poll numbers?[/sharequote]

Was the true goal in Iraq to support a fledgling democracy? If so, why didn’t Obama forcefully negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement and leave behind military and experienced administrators to train their army and guide Maliki to form a government based on experience instead of religious affiliation? Instead, Obama retreated, thereby setting the stage for invasion and increasing the potential for a Sunni-Shia sectarian war. “Stupid sh*t” abounds the Mid-East, thanks to Obama’s policies. (Better roll up your pant legs, it’s too late to save the shoes.)

On the other hand, however, Obama’s foreign policy goals seem to include equal opportunity for all the players (including Islamic terrorists), which causes uncertainty for Mid-East oil producers who jack up their per-barrel price which results in a flattened global economy. Obama’s policies (including support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) have emboldened Iran, shifted the balance of power in the region, continue to drain America financially, and empowered Islamic terrorists like never before. His “doctrine of decline” seems to be progressing nicely for America and the entire world.

Obama is sending 300 boots-on-the-ground Americans to advise both sides in the Iraqi conflict. He’s also discussing the possibility of inviting our avowed enemy, Iran, to join with America on the killing fields of Iraq. Obama will try to keep we-the-people from remembering how deadly roadside bombs, manufactured in Iran, have killed and maimed thousands of our brave warriors. Aided by his lapdog media, Obama will attempt to distract you from noticing how his “doctrine of decline” snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. He definitely does not want you to connect the dots. His announced date certain withdrawal and unsigned Status of Forces agreement guarantees an Iraq-type failure in Afghanistan.

Obama does not want you to remember the 4,500+ brave warriors who died in Iraq. Or the 35,000+ wounded who continue to wait for Department of Veteran's Affairs promised medical care. Or the $1.5 trillion taxpayer dollars squandered on a war he surrendered through retreat. Instead, his faithful media draws your attention to Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton’s failed book launch, the contrived “capture” of the Benghazi master thug, the trade of the Taliban Five for Sargent Bergdahl, mysteriously lost IRS emails, and the worse threat of all . . . global warming.

Ask yourself. Is Obama a feckless, arrogant, and inexperienced community organizer, only capable of making bumbling foreign policy decisions? Or, is he a dutiful accomplice who pursues a “doctrine of decline” by hiding behind the mask of “stupid sh*t” actions?

You decide. And if you believe America’s best interests are not the same as Obama’s, then stand up and speak out. Voice your opposition to his “doctrine of decline” policies via letters/emails/tweets to your elected representatives. Also, crank up your prayer machine and ask for divine guidance and protection for America’s brave warriors and all who dwell in our country (and yes, that includes Obama).

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