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Of Israelis and Republicans


A sad analogy.

Israelis and Republicans suffer from the same fundamental afflictions. At root, they misunderstand their enemies, while doubting themselves. The consequences of such delusions are fatal.

For the Israelis believe that ultimately, despite all history and reason, their enemies will seek peace. Republicans too believe that their opponents seek peace. They believe Democrats can be reasoned with; that Democrats merely have genuine ideological differences, while seeking the same goals of peace and prosperity.

Both Israelis and Republicans fail to see, either out of wishful thinking or naiveté, that their enemies want to destroy them. In fact it is an ideological imperative to destroy them.

The recent easing of sanctions on Iran and so-called two-state peace negotiations being driven by the Obama administration, and Israel's inability to effectively counter such efforts, are just the latest in a series of disastrous blunders epitomizing the suicidal mindset of the Israelis that find their American analogue in Republicans. (AFP PHOTO/GALI TIBBON/POOL GALI TIBBON)

Beyond the PLO charter or Iranian calls for pushing Israel into the sea, at root it is a dedication to Islam that animates Israel’s enemies, Jew-hatred of which is an integral part. Islam must be at perpetual war against infidels, and especially Jews, in order to reach its goals for a global ummah under sharia. The ummah is achieved through violent jihad and/or ideological deception via taqiyya.

The Democratic Party has become the progressive party, which in order to obtain its ends must destroy the Republicans, both by defeating Republicans in elections and turning Republicans into progressives themselves. The end of progressivism is also world dominance, under the rule of men as opposed to the rule of Allah.

The war against the Israelis and Republicans is waged in similar ways. The media and academia, both worldwide and in America, are pro-Islamic and progressive. By spewing propaganda overtly and covertly, the media and academia are able to influence generation after generation of useful idiots, turning the West against itself and weakening the mental defenses of the Israelis and Republicans.

[sharequote align="center"]The end of progressivism is also...dominance, under the rule of men as opposed to the rule of Allah[/sharequote]

The Pro-Islamic and Progressive forces similarly use Alinsky-ite tactics to achieve their ends. They pick their targets, freeze them, personalize them and polarize them.

Take the leftist attacks against Israel, in which Israel’s enemies seek to delegitimize the state by labeling it as “apartheid” and “racist.” These types of big lies are parroted over and over again until they become truths to wide swaths of the population who have never studied Israel’s history, governmental system, the ethics that underlie the state and the facts on the ground.

In America, Republicans are labeled “arsonists” “extremists” “radicals” and of course, “racists.” This despite the fact that it is theoretically Republicans that espouse the views of the people that founded the country, that believe in the rule of law and property rights, that champion the individual as the most important minority and which by their very nature by judging people on their individual merits and opposing leftist policies that are explicitly discriminatory cannot be racists.

Tell the big lie over and over again and it becomes the truth to a population whose collective mind has been addled by the opiate of progressivism.

When your opponents seek to destroy you, any discussion of “compromise” becomes one-sided. When Palestinians, Iranians or Democrats seek to negotiate, their mentality is necessarily one of “I win, you lose.”

[sharequote align="center"]Tell the big lie over and over...and it becomes...truth to a population...addled by...progressivism[/sharequote]

This must be so because the premises of all negotiations rely on the Israelis or Republicans giving something up in exchange for empty promises, with the best possible outcome the slowing of their own destruction. Call it the lipstick on a pig model of compromise.

All Israeli negotiations require either jihadi swaps for a smaller number of Israeli prisoners or land concessions. In other words, Israelis must surrender something, in the case of the former future lives, in the case of the latter sovereignty, for a karmic gain or no gain at all. This policy is self-righteously suicidal.

Negotiations between Republicans and progressives, be the progressives Democrats or Republicans, are similar to Israeli negotiations. Republicans allow for the encroachment of the State on individuals in return for either some token chits, cosmetic in nature, that Democrats will never make good on, or again, nothing but territorial losses. This is a death by a thousand cuts war as we progress down the road to serfdom.

In addition to a fundamental misunderstanding of their enemies, Israelis and Republicans both lack confidence in their positions.

Israelis, with a centuries-long fear that others will hate them, suffer from a severe case of Oslo syndrome. They blame themselves for the hatred of others. They view their would-be killers as the true victims, justifying the most horrible of atrocities committed against them. This leads Israel to adopt policies that are based on such self-blame, in other words policies that aid their enemies.

[sharequote align="center"]One cannot begin a battle for survival without first understanding that one is at war[/sharequote]

Republicans too suffer from Oslo syndrome. This leads them to take timid stances in debates, fighting against opponents with proverbial knives in gunfights, and moving further and further leftward in the hopes that being slightly right of their leftist opponents will suffice. They accept the leftist premises that justify and grow the welfare state, choosing a socialist-lite ideology without the socialist tactics of subterfuge and a win-at-all costs attitude. To a degree Mitt Romney was the living embodiment of this stance – a technocrat who would bring an efficiency and business-mindedness to managing our social democracy.

One cannot begin a battle for survival without first understanding that one is at war and second understanding the nature of one’s enemies. What Israelis and Republicans would do well to understand, accept, internalize and remain forever cognizant of is that their enemies seek nothing less than their total destruction. In both cases, they would do well to remember that their enemies can be thwarted by intense and resolute force. Their enemies respect strength, and this is true whether on the streets of Gaza or the banks of the Potomac. Without such an understanding, and without the confidence of their convictions, the days of each will be numbered.

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