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Same Old Excuses

President Barack Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Obama’s acceptance speech this week looked and sounded like a faded Xerox copy of one of his speeches from 2008.  Or 2009.  Or 2010.  Or 2011. Or 2012.

Here’s what we heard: Class warfare. Radical wealth redistribution. Demands for ever-more spending. A celebration of socialized medicine. Calls for “social justice.” Lies about his record. Justifications for policies that are imploding our economy and destroying our ability to remain a superpower.

We also heard pleas for another term. But to do what, exactly? If he told us the truth about what he’d do in another four years, we’d all run screaming into the street. So, we got more wispy rhetoric about keeping hope alive and how change takes time. “When I said ‘change you can believe in,’ I didn’t say change you can believe in tomorrow…,” he once said.  Actually, he did suggest that the change of which he spoke in 2008 would be immediate. And a lot of it was. The problem is that the change has resulted in a disastrous economy as a direct result of his statist policies. But you didn’t hear that from him this week. You only heard excuses, requests for patience….and lies. Lots of lies. And oh yeah: Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johannsen. Who almost made folks forget about the lies. Almost.

A few days ago, the national debt smashed through the $16 TRILLION mark.  No mention of that at all during the Democrat National Convention (or the "Welfare Woodstock," as one of my Twitter pals, Tres Berden, has called it.) The number is unfathomable. Even more unfathomable is that the Obama administration has piled on more to the national debt than any other president and more than the first 41 presidents combined. In fact, he's already added a record $5.3 TRILLION in just three and half years.  It was just several years ago that he was pounding President Bush for adding $4 trillion in EIGHT years.

That was bad enough. But now, Obama and his radical redistributionist policies have spent us into No Man's Land. No mention of that this week by the Democrats; in fact, they're celebrating their unprecedented spending and pushing to spend ever-more.

Never mind the question, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"  The question should be, "Will you and the nation be better off four years from NOW?" Obama has shown no indication whatsoever of changing his policies. If he didn't change/moderate/turn pragmatist in his first term, does anyone really think he'll change in a second term, without re-election hanging over his head? He'll go further to the extreme Left, with more extreme spending, redistributionism, extra-Constitutional maneuvering, and debt.

And it won’t be long before $16 trillion will look like positively quaint.

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