Small Businesside: Death of the American Dream

The Affordable Care Act or more commonly known as Obamacare is just another weapon in big business’ quest to bully their way to monopolies via the extermination of small businesses.

Small business has and barely still is the backbone of America and the seed of the American dream. The dream of our forefathers to have life, liberty, and to pursue happiness though a populous of self-determining citizens unencumbered by endless regulations that make the playing field unlevel. The evidence of small businesside is everywhere but generally unnoticed or ignored by many.

How many small mom and pop hardware stores still exist? They are very rarely seen inside urban areas and well on there way to extinction.

Obamacare mostly affects small businesses who were barely able to afford the premiums of health care  prior to the abrupt steep increase in premiums coupled with deductibles that are not realistically affordable. That means many with coverage still can’t see a doctor when sick because they can’t pay up front for services and tests until they meet their deductible. So the outrageous premiums and the ridiculous deductibles equates to no coverage. But those people are still paying every month to say they have coverage when in fact they have nothing.

The insurance lobby, which is one of the most powerful lobbies, would like nothing more than a single-payer system to pay for health care. This government system equates to a blank check signed by the tax payers.

We were supposed to be protected from monopolies by the Securities and Exchange Commission and other government agencies. Those agencies have been corrupted by big money and have become the fox watching the hen coup. If we allow small business to continue being bullied by big business then we must be willing to give up the American dream and become slaves to our masters, the elite.

This was the issue that motivated our forefathers to fight for independence against the rule of England that was profiting off the backs of hard-working Americans. They fought against the bullying of the British parasite that threatened the American pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Small business has been and is currently engaged in an economical war against big business. But small business is out gunned in terms of dollars and influence. But small business still has the numbers. Small business needs a David to rise up against the Goliath to restore the American dream to everyone, not just a few.

We must collectively support and stand behind small business pioneers that fight the forces that wish to strip us of our freedoms and rights like their latest weapon called Obamacare.

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