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Stop Empowering America's Enemies

Apologizing to our enemies and alienating our allies seems to have become a common policy for the Obama Administration. But all this really does is empower our enemies who want to destroy American ideals.

Take for instance the President’s policy on missile defense. In a whisper caught on tape to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, we learned of the “Obama Flexibility Doctrine,” promising to weaken our missile defense policy when he gets re-elected.

But the weakening of our missile defense capabilities started well before the whisper heard around the world.  In 2010, President Obama signed the New START treaty with Russia, limiting the US and Russia's supply of nuclear warheads but allowing Russia to have significantly more tactical weapons than the US.  The treaty also severely limits the ability of the US to expand its missile defense programs.

In 2009, President Obama cancelled an agreement the U.S. had with Poland and the Czech Republic to build an interceptor site and radar that would provide protection of the U.S. homeland and allies from rogue ballistic missiles. Polish and Czech leaders spent a lot of time, money and political capital educating their citizens of the need to defend against Iranian missiles, of having American soldiers on their territory, while dealing with Russian opposition. We pulled the rug out from under two of our closest allies to appease the Russians.

Having a weak stance on missile defense not only puts the U.S. in a vulnerable position with our enemies, it incentivizes our enemies to continue to build their weapons arsenal. As the president continues “negotiations” with the Iranian regime, the Iranians are developing a space rocket that has similar capabilities to long-range missiles.  North Korea has developed a missile with the capability to reach Hawaii, and further stages of development could enhance its capabilities to reach the continental United States.

Emasculating missile defense is just one aspect of the president’s disastrous defense strategy though. It starts with drastically cutting our defense budget. President Obama's philosophy of leading from behind ignores the primary constitutional responsibility of the federal government - our national defense. In 1958, national defense spending was nearly 60 percent of the total federal budget. Today, it is just under 20 percent. The president is trying to convince you that military spending is the primary driver of our ballooning deficit.

What the president is proposing would amount to defense cuts totaling $1 trillion over the next decade, including the "automatic" cuts that he already successfully pushed through Congress. But these cuts will leave us with the smallest military force since 1940 (when we were unprepared for World War II), the smallest navy since 1915 (when we were unprepared for World War I), and the smallest Air Force since it became a separate military branch in 1947.

The primary responsibility of the federal government and the commander-in-chief is to keep our country safe. In fact, it's one of the few functions that the federal government absolutely must oversee. Yet, our national security is the only place that President Obama is capable of cutting. But cutting our military does not keep us safe, nor does it promote our interests around the world. President Obama and the left want to have a military to showcase on occasion, but they do not want to stand strong for our interests around the world.

This is a deficit that both our allies and our enemies see. History shows us that we always end up paying the interest on this deficit at some point. There will be serious consequences from the radical Islamists heading the Iranian Regime and its leftist partners in Latin American. We have even seen a resurgence of Communist China promoting its interests abroad.

A strong missile defense system is an integral part of a successful foreign and defense policy.  This is an area where we must be willing to invest the necessary capital to expand our defenses. Our allies must know we stand with them on this front, and our enemies must know that we are willing to enhance our missile defense system. Our missile defense system must be diversified to include the three stages of flight:  boost, mid-course, and terminal.  We must adopt post-Cold War strategies that incorporate both offensive and defensive tactics, conventional and nuclear components, to ensure that we are ready for any attack from our enemies and importantly to prevent one.


Watch a new video below from Patriot Voices on "President Obama's failure to keep his oath to 'Preserve, Protect and Defend the United States.'"

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