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The Debt Ceiling is a Pile of Crap


If we actually cut any substantial spending, why would we need to raise the debt ceiling? Obama and the media don’t want you to ask that question.

Have you ever had a broken sewage pipe? If the raw sewage kept pouring out and piling up to your ceiling, would you hire contractors to raise your ceiling? Or would you ask them to correct the problem - to fix the broken pipe and clean the piles of crap out of your home?

Raising the ceiling would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would change the entire shape of your home. Most importantly, it wouldn’t solve your problem. If you raised the ceiling but didn’t fix the broken pipe, you’d spend $150,000 on the higher ceiling, but two weeks later, they’d have to raise it again…and again…and again. Until you’d spent over $1,000,000 raising your ceiling on a $100,000 home...that is still full of crap.

Right now, America is full of crap.

That’s the issue with the debt ceiling. Obama is full of crap. Democrats are full of crap. The mainstream media is full of crap. They’re all lying to you, trying to distract you from the truth. The issue isn’t the debt ceiling. That’s only the result. The actual problem is Obama's out of control government spending. Government has a sewage leak. Raising the ceiling is idiotic. It solves nothing.

Because no one is mentioning the problem…or dealing with the problem…or fixing the problem. The problem is stopping the raw sewage before it eats us alive and destroys America, capitalism, and the U.S. economy. Debt (and the spending that creates debt) is the raw sewage.

[sharequote align="center"]Obama is full of crap. Democrats are full of crap. The mainstream media is full of crap.[/sharequote]

How will raising the debt ceiling help? The media purposely lies to you. They won’t tell you that reaching the debt ceiling simply means we spend more than we take in. It means we are utterly broke. It means we are getting more broke every day. It is proof the crap (i.e. debt) is piling up. It means we are literally swimming in a tsunami of sewage. We are drowning in crap. And to keep you from seeing that…or understanding that…Obama and his corrupt friends in the media are feeding you a line of crap.

Raising the ceiling again PROVES that Obama is a failure. It proves that Obama is reckless and irresponsible. It PROVES that Obama is spending us into bankruptcy. It PROVES that Obama lies when he claims to have cut spending. It PROVES that even the infamous “sequester” that Obama railed against…because it cut too much…actually never cut enough. If we actually cut any substantial spending, why would we need to raise the debt ceiling? Obama and the media don’t want you to ask that question.

If anyone had actually cut spending, then why are we out of money again? No one cut spending. They call a cut in the increase in spending, a "cut" in spending. But it’s not actually a cut in anything. It’s just more spending. Or in this analogy of a house with a broken sewer pipe, it’s just more sewage.

What if your plumber allowed 10% more sewage to pour out of the pipe, but told you that’s better than 20% more sewage. Would that work? Or would your home still be destroyed by sewage- just a little slower. That’s what is happening to America. We are over-loaded with crap. Obama is full of crap. Congress is full of crap. The media is full of crap. And our ceiling is going to soon explode and take the economy (and your job) with it.

Raising the debt ceiling is just like raising your roof to stop a gushing sewage leak. It won’t work. It just means you’re spending and printing even more money to solve a money leak. You’re creating more debt to solve a debt crisis. And in a matter of months, you’ll need to raise the roof again.

Folks, we are being over-run by crap. And to keep us all stupid, fat, and happy, Obama and the media are giving us a load of crap (ie lies and misrepresentation). They are misdirecting you like a conman playing “3-Card Monte.” They keep screaming about the country going into default, old people not getting Social Security, veterans not getting checks. It’s all a threat to our national security. It’s a threat to the good faith and credit of the USA. It’s all to over-load you with crap, so you look the other way while they rob you.

The reality is default is threatened…old people’s Social Security is threatened…Veterans benefits are threatened…but they are all threatened by raising the debt ceiling. That will make the problem worse. That will allow more spending and more debt and more economic crisis. Eventually when the Ponzi scheme implodes, you won't get your checks. This is going to end badly.

Obama, his socialist cabal, big government proponents, and the media (I know I repeat myself) all have a vested interest in lying to you. They desperately need the reckless spending to continue- to bribe their voters. That’s how they stay in office- by perpetuating a massive Ponzi scheme. They desperately need more fake money printing to keep the Ponzi scheme going. They desperately need to distract you from seeing that government spending is the problem…and the way to solve the problem isn’t raising the ceiling, it’s fixing the pipe.

How do we fix the pipe? We slow the spending. We cut government. We actually…drumroll please…must spend less than we take it. No one in the hysterical media has ever mentioned this simple alternative solution. Raising the ceiling is one way to go, fixing the pipe is the other. Which one would you go with in your own home?

Yes folks, the debt ceiling is a pile of crap.  And so is the entire Obama agenda.

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