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The Democrat's Arrogant Government Shutdown


This is just more evidence that the extremist liberal's big government is dangerous to our republic.

Feature Photo Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

Our government is now under a partial government shutdown. It bears pointing out that we wouldn't be here if Senate Democrats actually believed in doing work for a living. The last time we had a budget was in 2009. After five years of Obama, Harry Reid has only managed managed to put together a budget that put the responsibility of paying for his party's out of control spending on the backs of the tax payers.

In other words, Democrats tried to duck responsibility for their wasteful policies by putting it on "We the People." Given this, it will surprise nobody what the Democrats rejected that has lead to a government shutdown.

Three times the House GOP tried to fully fund the government.

First the GOP wanted to defund Obamacare. Harry Reid and Resident Obama wouldn't negotiate.

Then the GOP sought to give all of us the same delay that Mr. Obama gave corporate America. They also sought to remove the dreaded medical device tax.  Reid and Obama refused to negotiate.

Then the GOP sent a third compromise. This time they fully funded government and Obamacare but insisted that those in government endure the same pain we will all feel under Obamacare. In a stunning vote, Democrats said they believe that they, their families, and their staffers are superior to "We the People." Democrats voted to keep the ability to shield themselves from Obamacare while insisting that we all shoulder Obamacare's burden.

This is typical of the extremist left-wingers who now run government.

"Justice for me, and not for thee," replaces, "Hope and Change," in the era of Obama.

Harry Reid and Resident Obama have demanded 100 percent of what they want while simultaneously complaining that the GOP won't bend to their demands. This is typical of Reid, who has shown that he abhors earning his pay. He seems content to sit up on the Hill, collect his tax payer funded check and do nothing. He wants the GOP to do all the hard work for him.

Let me state for the record that the House GOP is under no obligation to give Harry Reid and Resident Obama 100 percent of what they want. The GOP compromised three times, Resident Obama and Harry Reid refused to negotiate or even talk with Republicans. We saw further evidence of this arrogance when Republicans pleaded with Senator Reid to follow the Constitution and send conferees to hammer out the differences on the continuing resolution between the two parties. Reid refused yet again.

The record is clear. The Republican Party was working while the Democrat Party was sitting on their collective asses hoping for a government shutdown. And they got it.

This is a last ditch effort by Democrat's to try and deflect the public's attention away from the failures of their policies on the national security, jobs and economic fronts. Resident Obama has said a government shutdown would be equivalent to shutting down the economy. That statement is damming of his oppressive, big government philosophy.

In the future, Americans should insist that we insulate our economy from the irresponsible liberals in government by basing our economic system on the success of the private sector. The private sector is never subject to a government shutdown. If America can't cut back, trim or partially shut down its government without severely impacting the economy, it's a sure sign that the government is too big and too powerful.

Feature Photo Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

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