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The Fight To End Obamacare Must Be Waged


Obamacare has harmed America, and if allowed to be fully realized it will become an institutional harm.

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To fund or not to fund? That it the question.

The procedural hurdles are high. I don't want to suggest that this fight is 100 percent winnable. I will say the fight against Obamacare is worth having. The law has never enjoyed majority support.

Indeed, the more we find out about the law, the more support continues to drop. As shown through the first three years of Obamacare's implementation, all of the promises made to Americans about the law have been proven lies.

Our insurance rates are not going down by an average of $2,500. Rates are increasing.

The guarantee, by Resident Obama, that we could keep our doctors and plans has turned into a "maybe" by Health and Human Services.

Thousands of waivers have been granted from Obamacare. Big business has received a one-year delay while Americans are having to comply on schedule. And as predicted, Obamacare is leading to massive lay-offs and the destruction of the 40-hour workweek.

Obamacare has harmed America, and if allowed to be fully realized it will become an institutional harm.

The worst part of this law, imposed on us by only Democrats, is that they have exempted themselves from feeling the pain we are all sure to feel when Obamacare fully infects the body politic. I find every Democrat, in particular Resident Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, elitist hypocrites. It is no accident that the people who know the most about Obamacare, are the same people running as far away from it as they can by guarding themselves, their families, and their well-connected allies in government from the destructive power of the law.Democrats view themselves as better than the people they allegedly represent.

In the era of Obama, progressives don't even take care to hide their extreme left-wing activities. They declared their belief in their superiority when they pushed for and received extra money to offset the increased costs they knew would come under Obamacare.

What about the rest of us? Where is our help?

What's worse, the left-wingers are using the people's tax dollars to save their own skins. So not only are we being forced to comply, we're paying more than our "fair share" to insulate two-faced Democrats from the increased costs inspired by Obamacare. It's further evidence that this law was never about healthcare for liberal extremists in government. It's all about control.

Every day more and more Americans are realizing that the Obamacare law isn't worth the 2,700 pieces of paper it's printed on.

Conservative should be concerned with good policy rather than good politics. Indeed it was Ronald Reagan who said leaders should make good policy and the good politics would follow.

Obamacare must not be allowed to continue harming America. Our nation nearly fired cruise missiles to wipe egg off of Resident Obama's face. Must we and our families suffer just so Democratss are not burdened with another of Obama's screw-ups heading into 2014?

Oddly, we too have Cruz missiles in our latest fight against the left-wing extremists in the Obama administration. I suggest we use them by following the Texas Senator's lead.

If we can't stand and fight Obamacare, what do conservatives fight for?

The stage is set, it's the majority of Americans vs. Resident Obama. Who will Senate Democrats side with?

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