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The White House P.O.O.P. Solution


P.O.O.P. = Photo Op Obliteration Program.

President Barack Obama speaks about the economy, Wednesday, July 9, 2014, at Cheesman Park, in Denver. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

Our president faces an incredibly serious problem; one he is incapable of resolving. And no, I’m not referring to Obamacare, the Veterans Affairs scandal, Internal Revenue Service targeting, National Security Agency spying, the Benghazi attack, Fast and Furious, job loss, a failing economy, failing schools, rebirth of the housing bubble, loss of international prestige, collapse of Iraq, expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Syria’s chemical weapon stash, or thousands of illegal alien children flooding into America, etc., etc., etc.

You may be thinking, “Sheesh, another problem? What is it this time? Another phony scandal?" Nope.

This problem is not fixable because it's created by President Pinocchio himself. He offers photo ops (almost daily) that damage his image. Remember the “Red Line?” Or, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?” Or, “I’ll get to the bottom” of the VA wait-in-line-and-die-in-line problem?”

President Barack Obama speaks about the economy, Wednesday, July 9, 2014, at Cheesman Park, in Denver. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) AP Photo/Brennan Linsley President Barack Obama speaks about the economy, Wednesday, July 9, 2014, at Cheesman Park, in Denver. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Circulated around our YouTube world, these (and other photo ops) continually reveal the president’s lying, corrupt, devious, vain, arrogant, conceited, haughty, cocky, narcissistic, and puffed-up self (feel free to add your own adjectives. I don’t mind - not even a smidgeon).

To deal with the continued exposure of his never-ending lies, President Pinocchio’s senior advisor initiated P.O.O.P., the Photo Op Obliteration Program.

An excellent example of a photo op that should have been buried by P.O.O.P. involved the May 31, 2014 Rose Garden ceremony that introduced Mom and Pop Bergdahl, parents of Sgt. Bo Bergdahl, a U.S. Army soldier, missing in action since 2009. President Pinocchio vowed that America never leaves her fighting men or women behind, especially those who had “served their country with honor.”

President Barack Obama walks with Jani Bergdahl, left, and her husband Bob Bergdahl, right after he spoke about the release of their son, U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Saturday, May 31, 2014. Bergdahl, 28, had been held prisoner by the Taliban since June 30, 2009. He was handed over to U.S. special forces by the Taliban in exchange for the release of five Afghan detainees held by the United States. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin President Pinocchio embraces Mom and Pop Bergdahl while promising that American military men and women are never, ever left behind. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Hmmmm. Has political correctness redefined Absent Without Leave as being honorable?

And what about the multiple photo ops with Bergdahl’s brothers-in-arms and loved ones of soldiers who had died searching for him? Can their testimonials about Bergdahl, the “deserter,” disappear with double or triple doses of P.O.O.P? Nope!

As of July 14, 2014, Bergdahl returned to active duty, without fanfare or a photo op in the Rose Garden. Why the media silence? Might be the timing. While Bergdahl receives “kid glove” treatment, two military babysitters, and a sponsor, pink slips are being distributed to our brave warriors on the battle fields of Afghanistan.

Don'cha wonder what happened to the court-martial that had been discussed prior to Bergdahl's release? Forgotten? Swept under the rug? I’ll betcha that instead of being sentenced to three-hots-and-a-cot in Fort Leavenworth Military Prison, he will be repurposed as a “prisoner of war.” This will motivate another Rose Garden photo op where Bergdahl will be lavished with praise and a big, fat back-pay check for $300,000.

Lame-stream media, living up their Hypocrite’s Oath to “first, tell no truth,” is beginning to promote the false narrative that there is no hard evidence Bergdahl walked away from his post. No-sir-ee! Not a smidgeon of proof.

As the next step in the attempt at P.O.O.P. and to exonerate President Pinocchio’s decision to swap one deserter for five vicious terrorists, word will be leaked that Bergdahl had been a covert Central Intelligence Agency operative. His assignment? Infiltrate the Taliban. Really? Send a man who had washed out of U.S. Coast Guard basic training because of “psychological challenges” on a sensitive mission?

And then . . .

Wait for this one . . .

After Bergdahl is cleared of all wrongdoing and has sequestered his tax-free payout in an off-shore account, he’ll walk away from his post at Fort Sam Houston and become recaptured by the Taliban.

At this point, P.O.O.P. might be able to bury the truth that Bergdahl’s “rescue” was an opportunity for President Pinocchio to break the law and score kissy-kissy points with the Taliban by releasing their dream team of high-octane terrorists.

Photo Courtesy of author. Photo Courtesy of author.

Despite having the home-court advantage of never being held accountable for the content of their news reports, lame-stream media hasn’t been able to neutralize revelations about the ongoing photo op “mistRakes” that continue to damage the image of their “chosen one.” And cause his poll numbers to plummet.

For example:

The college loan debacle has created a $1.1 TRILLION debt bubble.

A new home mortgage bubble is developing.

Infectious diseases, brought into America by illegal alien children, place our kids at risk when classrooms open in the fall.

You can bet your boots that the media P.O.O.P. brigade will continue to spin these (and other photo op pronouncements) upside down and inside out.

For example:

Everyone in America has the right to a college education.

Everyone in America has the right to own a home.

Everyone breaking into America has a right to free medical care and citizenship.

Benghazi is so over.

VA problems have been resolved.

There’s not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS.

NSA spying doesn’t exist.

Iraq is doing just fine.

ISIS is just a vocal, but harmless, group of freedom fighters.

Syria has no more chemical weapons.

Al Qaeda is still on the run.

More Americans are working than ever before.

And straight from the oval office occupied by America’s #1 P.O.O.P producer, “There ain’t no stinkin’ crisis on our Southern border.”

Like all programs emanating from President Pinocchio and his White House “staph,” P.O.O.P. is doomed to become just one more failure.

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