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This Gender-Confused Boy Is Being Poisoned and Abused, And We're All Applauding


What good will that do when our society is fundamentally rooted in debauchery, and our children are raised from a young age to reject their true selves and rejoice at porn, sodomy, and violence against the unborn?

Yesterday I came across one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking videos I've ever seen in my life, and I say this as someone who watched all 10 undercover Planned Parenthood clips. It shows a mother surprising her healthy 14-year-old son with a gift: a package of estrogen patches.

Her boy, Corey, decided with his mother's encouragement to start "living as a girl" when he was 11. Some five years before he's considered legally competent to drive or apply for a job, seven years before we trust him to vote or get a tattoo or purchase spray paint, a full decade before society judges him mature enough to consume a can of Miller Lite or gamble on a game of cards, and 15 entire years before health insurance companies will declare him an independent adult, the child decided to reject his biological identity and assume a false one for the rest of his life. When I was 11, I still hadn't given up hope of one day becoming an Avenger. When this boy was 11, his parents let him give up hope of ever becoming a man. It is nothing short of a travesty and an injustice.


Apparently, the young boy had already been given a "puberty suppressing implant," and was eager to start a rigorous estrogen routine, which would stunt his physical maturation, infuse harmful chemicals into his growing body, interfere with his development, and create the synthetic facade of femininity. Estrogen is particularly important for (real) women because it thickens the lining of the uterus, enabling the implantation of fertilized eggs. Interestingly, no "trans woman" has ever, will ever, or can ever have eggs to fertilize or a uterus to implant them in. Men do have some estrogen naturally, but high levels of the hormone put them at a considerable risk for heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other serious side effects. I guess that's a fatal chance Corey's mother and doctors are willing to take.

This kind of hormone therapy is common for women who are menopausal or who struggle with fertility, but it's incredibly dangerous for a perfectly healthy teenage boy. Nobody knows what sort of physiological devastation this will wreak, but we do know something about the psychological toll; sadly, a vast number of "transgender" people fall into a deep despair and attempt suicide after "transitioning." This boy has a tough, terrible road ahead of him. All we can do is pray for him.

Corey Maison's mother surprised her transgender daughter with her first box of hormone treatments. (Image source: YouTube) 

But dangerous or not, the boy's quack doctors had no problem prescribing him medication usually taken by grown women. It was determined by all involved -- mother, child, reckless medical professionals who should be fired and imprisoned -- that Corey ought to be deprived of the opportunity to grow into a healthy man all because he likes to wear pink and play with dolls. His mother marked the happy occasion by giving him the women's hormones on camera for all the world to see. The boy still won't be able to buy DayQuil for another two years, but at least now he's legally ingesting medication meant to treat hot flashes in 55-year-old grandmas.

Naturally, liberal outlets fawned over the footage. MTV called it "life changing" and declared the boy's mother "mom of the year." The Daily Mail described it as "moving" and "emotional." BuzzFeed wrote about it glowingly, noting that the family has received "nothing but positive reactions." Huffington Post called it "beautiful" and "wonderful." Cosmopolitan gushed that this "was the emotional moment a mom changed her trans daughter's life." Other outlets squealed that it was "special" and "the best gift ever." The comments threads under these articles have, as BuzzFeed accurately reported, been almost entirely celebratory. Something tells me these people wouldn't be celebrating if a mother filmed herself giving her effeminate son testosterone to be more manly.

Magically, as soon as the video went viral, a crowdfunding page (I won't link to it) was set up to help the boy with "medical expenses" and college tuition. They don't specify what the expenses are exactly, or why his college tuition ought to be handled by charity, but one wonders if the money from the donors will eventually help pay for the day when this poor boy's genitals are removed. I would say it's unprecedented for the mutilation of a child to be funded by cheering strangers, but then I remember Planned Parenthood.

Just think about it: the boy is being poisoned on camera, and virtually no one has offered even a word of protest. It makes me think back to a few weeks ago when a mother was filmed giving wine to a toddler. She was deservedly condemned and castigated by everyone, but that was nothing compared to this. Giving wine to a toddler is bad. Injecting high doses of estrogen into a 14-year-old boy is psychotic. I don't mean the boy is acting psychotically, I mean the adults in his life and in the medical community are. Corey is simply acting like an adolescent who's grown up in an environment utterly devoid of guidance and clarity.

I rarely make proclamations like this, but this child should be removed from the home. The abuse and exploitation here is heinous and without justification. Everyone applauding this should beg God for forgiveness, and everyone involved in facilitating the abuse should be arrested.

He is a victim, and not a single person has stood and spoken out for him. It's not his fault he's been abused by his parents and his doctors. It's not his fault nobody ever stepped up to teach him to love himself and seek and accept God's plan for his life. It's not his fault he'll be used as a stage prop by predators in the LGBT movement. It's not his fault his mother not only decided to poison him, but broadcast his personal torment all over the internet. It's not his fault our culture has legitimized the mental illness of gender confused people.

Indeed, it's that last point I think we need to reflect upon. Corey's mom tells us he was "always feminine." She says she "just assumed [he] might be gay." Already we see how gender stereotypes are rigidly enforced by the very people pretending to break them down. Even if the boy was "feminine," why must that automatically mean he's gay or a girl? I thought girls don't have to be feminine and boys don't have to be masculine? I mean, isn't that the whole point liberals have been making about gender for the past 40 years?

Who's putting men and women into boxes here? Who's denying that men can be effeminate? It's certainly not me. I completely accept the notion that some boys are less boyish than others. I would never allow my son to dress up like a princess or run around wearing makeup and tutus, but I'm not so backwards as to think the makeup and tutu are medical symptoms. That's the anti-science LGBT perspective, not mine. I believe there's a wide range of ways in which a boy might express his masculinity. It is the gay agenda -- not any "conservative" or Christian initiative -- that really restricts children (and exploits them).

Marchers walk down Fifth Avenue during the 2014 Gay Pride March on June 29, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images) 

Corey's mother says he "loved to wear high heels and dresses" from a young age. Of course he did. When they're young enough, any child loves to wear anything. A 2-year-old sees a dress as just another fun, silly costume. Their affinity for the fabric means absolutely nothing, unless the parent gives it meaning. Moreover, a boy does not develop a consistent habit of wearing girl clothes on his own, anymore than a fifth grader could develop a drinking habit on his own. I realize you can't control everything your kid does, but if your 9-year-old son is regularly donning skirts and blouses, it's because you're letting him. You're tolerating it. You're encouraging it.

If you decide to tolerate and encourage whatever weird, disordered behavior your child wants to indulge in, there's no telling what you'll end up with. If my parents weren't there to offer me even the basic, fundamental direction and instruction parents are meant to impart, I might still be crawling around on all fours and barking like a dog or darting around the house in my Batman cape. The point is, parents are supposed to guide children in the process of becoming themselves, not in becoming somebody else.

But what struck me about Corey's tale is that, according to his mother, he decided he was "transgender" only after watching another YouTube video about a "transgender" boy who pretends to be a girl named Jazz. Corey, 11 years old at this point, didn't "recognize his inner female identity" until he saw a "transgender" propaganda video of the sort he would eventually star in himself. This was just a confused boy whose parents let him wear dresses -- until he saw a video. Then he mystically became a girl. As Elite Daily records, "... it wasn’t until the fifth grade, when Maison watched a video by transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings, that he realized he didn’t just like girly things — he was a girl."

WHAT? This is nonsense to its core, yet the whole country just goes along with this sort of thing. He saw a video and realized he was a girl? How so? How do you distinguish between a boy who "likes girly things" and a boy who "is a girl," aside from the the obvious distinction that one is a physically impossible oxymoron? Is there some kind of medical test that detects when "liking girly things" crosses over into "being a girl"? And, again, what is a "girly thing"? I thought we're supposed to believe there's no such thing as a girly thing? Isn't that why Target went gender neutral? Does any of this make sense? I swear, everyday I feel like I'm sitting in a basement with the entire country and I'm the only one who isn't high on LSD.

In any case, the important takeaway is that the perversions heralded by progressivism -- "transgenderism," homosexuality, etc. -- can, in effect, spread. A person can indeed "become" gay or "transgender," due to the heavy, almost suffocating influence society has on his sexual formation. A child, especially when he lacks proper parental guidance, is profoundly susceptible to the messages promoted through TV, movies, and music. He goes to the media and pop culture with his feelings and confusions, and these defacto counselors and parental figures interpret his feelings for him. "Oh, you're wearing pink shorts? Well, maybe you're a girl!" If that's a convincing argument to grown adults in this country, imagine how it sounds to a child.

Corey was likely just a normal -- if slightly more effeminate -- boy. Had his parents steered him away from cross dressing, and had he existed in a culture that doesn't try so hard to normalize deviant behaviors, he'd be a well adjusted young man by now. One day he'd probably go on to become a husband and a father, and he'd live his life with his natural body and organic identity. He'd be fine. He'd be happy. He'd be true. Our culture took that from him. And as parents, that should terrify us.

Even if we dedicate ourselves to "training a child up in the way they should go" (Proverbs 22:6), they are still living in a deeply depraved and wicked culture. Just this morning I read about the casting contract for a new HBO show debuting next year. It's going to be, maybe even more than "Game of Thrones," hardcore porn airing at 8 or 9 on a Sunday night while your kids are still awake. The contract stipulates that performers on the program “may be required to perform genital-to-genital touching, simulate oral sex with hand-to-genital touching, contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude, pose on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back, [and] ride on someone's back while you are both fully nude.”

No doubt this will be another critically renowned smut-fest that quickly ingrains itself into the Zeitgeist. Another report tells us the next Oscars ceremony will likely be dominated by propaganda movies about "transgenders" and gays. And even if you steer your child away from premium cable and homosexual films, there's still some five or six shows on TV celebrating and normalizing gender confusion. And don't worry, if he flips past that, your kid might find a cartoon show where Jesus Christ has sex with a married woman, or commercials where half naked women sell hamburgers.

Beyond movies and TV, the internet is obviously teaming with pornography and progressive sexual indoctrination, now branching into regularizing pedophilia. Of course, your child's public school won't be a shelter from such things, as more districts are taking it upon themselves to teach kindergartners how to have sex and masturbate.

When you think about it all at once, you might see why I find politics so irrelevant. Go ahead and put a Republican in the White House. What good will that do when our society is fundamentally rooted in debauchery, and our children are raised from a young age to reject their true selves and rejoice at porn, sodomy, and violence against the unborn? Do you think lower taxes and border walls will save us from that?

I only wish more Christians and "conservatives" would speak out loudly about our culture's descent into corruption and madness. This is where the real battle must be fought. While we're all talking about the presidential election, progressives have spent the last couple of days throwing parades for a mother who poisoned her son with medically unnecessary medication. Why? Because they know they win everything if they can convince society to accept their teachings about sex, gender, and the nature of human life. Nothing matters once that process is complete.

Until the rest of us wake up to this reality and jump into the fight to save our culture from mass suicide, there's not much progress that can be made collectively. However, on an individual basis, we can keep our children close, pray with them every night, show them God, show them beauty, show them goodness, and equip them to venture out into the world and fight to the death for Truth. That's really the only hope we have.

As for young Corey, I pray one day, with the Lord's help, he finds his way to the light.

Hopefully that happens before it's too late.

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