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Watch These Funny Videos At Work Or The Terrorists Win!


In case you value sleep as much as I do, here's what you missed in Late Night Talk Shows this week.

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You know the real trouble with late night TV comedy? The liberal views of the hosts and kooky politics of the Hollywood guests? Well, I guess some would say that, but I was thinking more of the late part in late night TV comedy. If you get as sleepy as I do (without 11 hours of beauty rest, I’m a fright in the morning), fear not, as I’ve combed the late night shows for some of the best of what you’re missing. (OK, combed may be overstating it, but here are four.)

As Jimmy Fallon gears up to take over The Tonight Show, it feel like he’s more focused than ever on creating less a talk variety show and more a nightly collection of sharable viral videos. I’m playing right into his hands by giving you this look at his take (along with Justin Timberlake) on hash tag mania! #I’mNowPartOfTheProblem

Jimmy Kimmel has a unique comedic view, and that’s nowhere more evident than this bizarre nod to this week’s changing of the seasons. If you ask me, this feels like it could have been and old Letterman Late Night sketch from the 80’s (and that’s a very good thing).

Maybe I’m a sucker for the classics, or maybe it’s because I recently celebrated my 30th birthday for the 14th time, but I still love watching comedians who have been around for a while. Dana Carvey was always a favorite, and it’s great to see him doing impressions and having fun being silly, here with Jay Leno.

Let me take a break from the tube to sneak in a clip from the Web. If you’re still not checking in with the Onion, that’s OK because I’m watching enough of it for both of us. If you’re feeling the affects of the stalled economy or just feel you might be ready for a career change, here’s something to think about…apparently all the way to the bank.

Economists: People Who Paint Selves Silver And Pretend To Be Statues Make Average Of $10 Million Per Year

And finally (look, you’ve got to stop watching videos eventually—if you don’t, forget the terrorists, you’re employer will win and you will lose), this isn’t exactly “comedy,” but it’s cute and a nice way to end the week. It’s another from Jimmy Fallon in his series of classic tunes played on kids’ instruments. “Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away…”

Feature photo from GQ. 

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