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Why Do Our Public Officials Treat Us Like We're Dolts?
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Why Do Our Public Officials Treat Us Like We're Dolts?

In the real world actions have consequences. In the government … what are you going to do about it?

What is happening to our country? On a daily basis we see public officials treating us like we’re just dolts. How in the world can the very taxpayers who pay their salaries be so insulted on a daily basis?

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has blamed Gov. Scott Walker for murders committed in Milwaukee. Has he no respect whatever for our intelligence? Perhaps he should look at his own policies since he has been mayor for 10 years and his city has a homicide rate six times that of New York City.

An unarmed man was shot dead in Tulsa recently by a insurance company CEO who was a big supporter of the sheriff’s department and was allowed to ride along as a volunteer. Who in the world thought that was a good idea?

[sharequote align="center"]In the real world actions have consequences. In the government … what are you going to do about it?[/sharequote]

In the Transportation Security Agency in Denver agents coordinated with each other so that an agent could fondle men he thought were attractive.

A woman has sued the TSA at the same airport for sexual assault. She claims that she was assaulted to “put me in my place.” Has the TSA become a hunting ground for federally sanctioned groping?

The Secret Service has been investigated for a prostitution scandal in Columbia. They were only caught because one of the agents refused to pay. We were told that this didn’t start with President Barack Obama. The president’s guards have been hiring prostitutes around the world for years. Well, that makes me feel better!

The Drug Enforcement Agency has been enjoying the attention of Columbia’s prostitutes in their offices for a few years too. Columbia’s drug cartels take care of all arrangements. Pretty cozy deal if you can get the very people that you’re investigating to hire and pay for your whiskey and women.

Operation Choke Point is a Department of Justice program to threaten banks if they make loans to businesses that the attorney general does not approve of. This includes gun and tobacco sales, telemarketers and payday lenders. These are legal businesses, but as one DOJ official told a banker about payday lenders, “I don’t like this product, and I don’t believe it should have a place in our financial system. And if you don’t agree, there will be an immediate, unplanned audit of your entire bank.”

Who in hell does he think he is?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The most powerful and intimidating agency of the federal government, the IRS, has become a criminal enterprise. They gave confidential tax information on tax-exempt organizations to the FBI just prior to the 2010 election. They were trying to build a case for a felony charge against conservative groups. They committed a felony when they shared the information.

The IRS sent 2,500 emails to people in the White House that included confidential tax information to be used politically. That was another felony.

When Congress attempted to exercise its constitutional responsibility of oversight they were told that all of the relevant emails were lost in the crash of the hard drives of the six people who would have been able to provide answers.

Under oath the Commissioner of the IRS told Congress that they tried to recover the lost emails but were unable to do so. When in front of a judge who could find him in contempt and send him to jail he admitted that they didn’t even bother to look for them.

This past week it was disclosed that the IRS cannot afford to answer half the phone calls from taxpayers seeking help, but they can afford to spend $4 million on public opinion polling. I figure that there are over 300 million Americans who could tell them what we think of them with just one brief phone call.

In the real world, where you and I live, people who abuse the public trust go to jail. Martha Stewart lied under oath in an investigation of a stock trade. She was prosecuted and sent to jail.

Jeffrey Skilling went to jail for playing loose with the books of Enron, a public corporation. He had a responsibility to care for the shareholder’s money and he lied to auditors and financial institutions.

Dennis Kozlowski, former Tyco CEO, went to jail for spending corporate money on personal items and helping himself to bonuses.

In the real world actions have consequences. In the government … what are you going to do about it?

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