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Why We Shouldn't Celebrate International Women's Day in America


Has the Obama administration helped the cause of women? Or has he sneakily been a nuisance?


Despite its socialist origins, International Women’s Day should still be observed to see all of what half the population was able to overcome through the years. Unfortunately in America, the ladies don’t have it easy because of President Barrack Obama.

Indeed, women’s participation rates in the labor force have been declining. They now stand at 58.3 percent, the lowest they have been in 23 years. It also represents the first long-term decline since the statistics started in 1948.

Speaking of decline, there are still more women not working but wanting a job then when President Obama took office in February 2009. And those that do work often hold multiple jobs; their numbers have been increasing since May 2009.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise; the Obama administration has been thwarting their advances with laws based on emotions rather than reason. Take the Lily Ledbetter Act Fair Pay Act for example. Strongly supported by socialist associations like AFL-CIO and the National Organization of Women, the law wanted to “correct” pay inequality between the genders.

However, not only has Ledbetter never provided any actual figures about her pay gap, but the whole concept make no sense. If indeed women were making $0.79 for each dollar a man was making, then why aren’t companies hiring more women?

Or is it because of the choices they make in life? Per Labor Department statistics (from 2012), men were more likely to have longer work weeks and therefore earn more. This usually results from women choosing more flexible hours to take care of their children according to a (female) professor of economics at Harvard. No wonder so few women become CEOs or petroleum engineers.

But rest assured, this law will be a great boon for… lawyers.


So while the Obama administration was busy making your employment harder, his wife Michelle Obama was busy feeding your children disgusting food. I’m barely exaggerating; just look at these “delicious” meals Twitter has been exposing.

Like her husband Mrs. Obama has been pushing dubious science to further her ego. According to the Juris Doctor, saturated fat and sodium are bad and whole grain are good.

But according to people who actually study nutrition, eating more saturated fat does not increase the risk of heart diseases. The same thing goes for sodium intake. As for “whole” grain, their effect on the blood sugar is similar to candies.

Finally, the Obama administration has been imposing ideological choices for which you have to pay. And I am not just talking about his disastrous Obamacare, which has very likely made you lose your coverage or increased its cost in the double digit percentage.

Even if you were to agree that abortion can sometimes be justified, you will probably agree that government should not finance the operation. Especially when the said financing goes to an organization (Planned Parenthood) whose founder wanted to strictly control the population in order to “weed out” undesirable lives – also known as eugenics.

So ladies, during this electoral years think about what you want for you. If you still want to be held by the hand by the Nanny State, then by all means vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

But if, like your grandmothers, you want to fight this government bondage limiting your choices, then stand up for yourself! Demand more freedom; in other words be a true feminist.

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