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WATCH: Conservative host asks college students: 'Is Trump that bad?'

Elijah Schaffer

Elijah Schaffer asks college students what they think about Trump

Image source: Slightly Offens*ve screenshot

Trump Is Not That Bad | Social Exp #2youtu.be

"Slightly Offens*ve" host Elijah Schaffer visited the California State University, Long Beach campus in Los Angeles, and asked students if they think President Donald Trump is all that bad. The conservative host received a mixed-bag of responses that ranged from "f*** Trump" to "I hope he gets re-elected."

While on campus, one student told Schaffer that she would not speak to him because he is white while another student could not figure out why the president should be judged by his policies rather than his rhetoric.

In this video, Schaffer delivered respectful yet biting commentary despite being called a racist and a Nazi and laid out a list of Trump's accomplishments. He also provided the following fact sheet to students who were willing to engage in conversation.

The information on the fact sheet included:


  • Over 4 million new jobs (400,000+ new manufacturing jobs - the fastest growth in decades)
  • Overall unemployment claims are the lowest in 50 years
  • Unemployment for women, black, Hispanic, and Asian people are at all-time lows
  • Median household income is the highest ever ($62,450 adj. for inflation)
  • ~4,000,000 people off of food stamps since Trump took office
  • Consumer confidence is at 18-year high
  • Signed an Executive Order that returns $800 billion back into the retirement pockets of minorities - Bob Johnson


  • 35,000 ISIS fighters on 17,500 square miles of land on Trump's inauguration. Now less than 1,000 fighters on less than 20 square miles of barren desert land
  • Over 5,000,000 people have been liberated SAFELY
  • Deported or arrested thousands of MS-13 gang members and associates CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM
  • First Step Act - Shorten minimum sentencing (especially for nonviolent crimes)
  • Put inmates on track to leave prison faster for good behavior/seeking an education
  • Pregnant inmates don't have to be shackled while giving birth. Van Jones said: "Give the man his due: Donald Trump is on his way to becoming the 'Uniter-in-Chief' on an issue that has divided America for generations"


  • Making efforts to pull out of Syria and bring our troops home from the Middle East
  • Got ~20 US hostages back home from captivity abroad (NK/Middle East) PRESSURED NATO ALLIES TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE
  • Goal is for each country to pay 2% of their GDP to NATO — we pay well over 3%. Trump is knocking that down by putting pressure on countries that aren't meeting the 2% goal
  • In January he got our allies to agree to pay $100 billion more than they had planned over time to NATO. Takes pressure off of our pockets and military RIGHT TO TRY
  • Gives terminally ill people the chance to try experimental drugs that are not yet approved for public consumption SIGNED PATIENTS AND COMMUNITIES ACT
  • Helps combat Opioid crisis by prioritizing increasing access to treatment for addiction
  • Train law enforcement to better recognize how drugs are coming in and out of communities

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