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Demonizing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce paints the right as deranged
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Demonizing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce paints the right as deranged

Conservatives are making fools of themselves wishing death on a celebrity love affair. Let’s leave the kookiness to the left.

The following is a warning to political conservatives: Be careful demonizing Taylor Swift.

You’re likely falling for a trap. You’re going to turn America’s biggest platform — the Super Bowl — into a stage for your political opponents to argue you’ve developed an affliction as dangerous as Trump derangement syndrome. You’re painting yourselves as paranoid and delusional.

Monday morning, after the Kansas City Chiefs upset the Baltimore Ravens to advance to the Super Bowl, former presidential candidate turned Donald Trump surrogate Vivek Ramaswamy posted on X (formerly Twitter) speculating about Swift’s role in the 2024 election cycle.

Taylor Swift is a tool helping the NFL execute its replacement plan. Men out. Women in.

“I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month,” Ramaswamy began. “And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall. Just some wild speculation over here, let’s see how it ages over the next eight months.”

Ramaswamy, of course, is referring to Swift and her vaccine-pushing boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. They’re the new “it” couple whom corporate media celebrate and market.

I’m a huge fan of Ramaswamy. He’s brilliant, quick on his feet, and fearless. But he’s making a mistake in this instance. It does not matter how his tweet ages over the next several months. It matters how it lands right now and over the next two weeks.

It lands in crazy land.

Rigging a football game to hurt Trump? Please

The impact of Swift’s inevitable endorsement of Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, or Gavin Newsom is in no way connected to whether the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers on February 10. Swift’s popularity won’t rise or fall based on the winner of the last football game.

Swift’s endorsement won’t sway many voters, either. In 2018, she made her first political endorsement, backing Phil Bredesen in his Tennessee U.S. Senate race against Marsha Blackburn. Bredesen lost by 11 percentage points. In 2016, LeBron James stumped for Hillary Clinton in his home state of Ohio. Hillary lost Ohio to Trump.

Celebrity endorsements spin the social media news cycle. They don’t matter. Everyone knows celebrities aren’t very smart and are rarely sincere.

Ramaswamy and everyone else rooting against the Chiefs because of Swift’s infatuation with Kelce look unhinged.

Stop it. Right now. Walk it back. Leave the kookiness to leftists.

You sound kooky arguing that leftists will rig a football game to hurt Donald Trump. Anything can happen on any given Sunday in the NFL. Just like Aaron Rodgers on the opening weekend of the season, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes could suffer a season-ending injury three plays into the Super Bowl. There’s no guarantee the Chiefs are going to beat the 49ers. Conservative political opponents don’t need that to happen.

What they need is conservatives unfairly demonizing a clock-ticking, 34-year-old woman who has fallen in love with a 34-year-old football star. The demonization makes conservatives appear hypocritical and stupid. Are political conservatives so cynical and detached from a true biblical worldview that we can’t see the potential good in a young man and woman falling in love?

That’s how the anti-Swift push will be framed on the ground to suburban moms and their daughters. It’s a very relatable, easy-to-unpack narrative for women to digest. A likeable, harmless, clueless, heterosexual pop star found love with a big lug of a clueless man, and conservatives weirdly argued that the relationship hurt Trump’s re-election, so the Chiefs must lose the Super Bowl.

Stop it. Right now. Walk it back.

The truth is, the winner of the Super Bowl is irrelevant. NFL games are rarely fixed, if ever. Like all games that can be wagered on, they’re influenced. There’s a major difference between fixing and influencing games. Fixing is about the winner and loser. Influencing is about the point spread and how much profit the house “earns.”

I repeat: No one who matters really cares about which team wins the Super Bowl.

Swift’s real role with the NFL

Here’s what the people in power care about: the NFL’s ability to serve the masses propaganda. Over the last six decades, nightly newscasts have seen their influence over the masses diminish year after year. Cable news stole the influence of the major TV networks. Independent media outlets have stolen the influence of cable news. There are virtually no destination, mass-audience TV shows any more.

Football is the only content on TV that consistently delivers a major audience. Eight years ago, thanks to kneeling quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the NFL turned into another institution taken over by diversity, equity, and inclusion and the woke mob.

The takeover turned off football’s most ardent supporters: Christian, conservative men. As our interest in football waned, the NFL doubled and tripled down on its pursuit of female football fans.

That’s where Taylor Swift enters the picture. She’s a tool helping the NFL execute its replacement plan. Men out. Women in. The league is “illegally immigrating” female fans. It has adopted an open-borders policy that is fundamentally emasculating football for the sensibilities of women.

The people who convinced the NFL to adopt woke, DEI, and Black Lives Matter messaging promised Roger Goodell that they would replace frustrated male fans with feminist women. That’s what we’re witnessing.

NFL ratings are inflated right now because Nielsen changed its ratings system to include out-of-home viewers. The people watching in large groups at sports bars now count toward TV ratings. That’s why the NFL has been setting ratings records.

In my opinion, interest in and satisfaction with the league are at historic lows. Taylor Swift and the current season are about importing female viewers. She’s far more of a brand influencer than a political operative. She’s been injected into the NFL storyline to make it cool for young women to pretend they absolutely love football.

America loves a celebrity-fueled fad. Celebrities are good at sparking fads. They struggle to get people to a voting booth or to fill out a fake mail-in ballot.

Celebrity relationships die rapidly of natural causes. Conservatives are making fools of themselves wishing death on a secular love affair. The right thing to do is sincerely pray that the pop star and football star realize that God is the source of all sustainable love.

Hating Swift and wishing for her demise will only weaken you and strengthen her as a tool for the matriarchy.

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