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Whitlock: Can Elon Musk save America from the new KKK: ‘black Twitter’?

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Ten days ago, when we learned that Elon Musk bought a 9% stake in Twitter, I argued that the richest man in the world could not save and/or transform the toxic platform.

Perhaps I was wrong. Early Monday morning, Musk posted on Twitter his SEC filing to purchase the social media app’s remaining 91 percent. He wants to take the company private. His intent is to save Twitter by making it a free-speech platform again.

I’m still unsure if Twitter can be saved. And I’m not comfortable with one man having so much influence over public discourse. But the news of Musk’s $43 billion takeover bid has me feeling a bit optimistic. Musk can’t make Twitter worse, can he?

The platform’s hostility to truth, amplification of secular values, and promotion of identity politics have undermined the principles that inspired American freedom and liberty. Twitter – not Donald Trump, the Proud Boys, or Tucker Carlson’s brilliant monologues – is the existential threat eroding our democracy by pushing us toward violent racial conflict.

“Black Twitter,” the informal community of users who allegedly represent the identity of black people, is the bane of American society. Black Twitter is the online version of the Ku Klux Klan, the enforcement arm of a racist Democratic Party political strategy that silences truth, dissent, and biblical values with Twitter lynch mobs.

There’s no difference between the old white KKK and the new black KKK. Both groups worked on behalf of the Democratic Party. They terrorized black and white people who did not support the agenda of the Democratic Party.

Black Twitter is the Luca Brasi of the BLM-LGBTQIA+ Alphabet Mafia. For those of you who have never seen "The Godfather," Brasi was a notorious hit man for Don Corleone and the Corleone crime family. When a rival crime family tried to unseat the Corleone family, taking out Luca Brasi was seen as essential.

You can’t improve Twitter and amplify truth on the platform until black Twitter sleeps with the fishes.

If Musk is serious about limiting Twitter’s ability to harm free speech and freedom, he must discover a way to dismantle black Twitter.

Fear of black Twitter is at the root of corporate media lies and false narratives. The worst nightmare of everyone in corporate media is provoking a black Twitter mob to storm their mentions, burn a cross, and demand their firing. Media employees know their bosses will acquiesce to the demand rather than risk the same mob turning on them.

So a media employee with Christian values cannot publicly state that “all lives matter.” According to black Twitter, that statement is racist. Grant Napear, a longtime broadcaster for the Sacramento Kings, was forced to resign in 2020 after tweeting ALL LIVES MATTER.

According to the Bible, Napear’s statement was Christian, not racist.

But black Twitter’s negative influence extends far beyond sloganeering. Let’s evaluate things that have happened just in the past week.

NFL coaching legend Tony Dungy, a devout Christian, had to explain why he supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ $70-million initiative aimed at supporting fathers. Dungy was pictured with DeSantis at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' facility. DeSantis is a Republican. Black Twitter believes black men should not work with and/or associate with Republicans. Dungy has spent his life advocating for fathers. Dungy and DeSantis have shared values on the importance of fathers and nuclear families. Black Twitter believes black people should ignore their biblical values or prioritize them below political power.

Tuesday, San Francisco Giants first-base coach Antoan Richardson, who is black, claimed that a white coach on the opposing team referred to him as a “motherf—er” and that it reeked of racism.

“I say this because his words were disproportionately unwarranted and reeked of undertones of racism when he referred to me as ‘that motherf–er,’ as if to be controlled or a piece of property or enslaved. I think it’s just really important we understand what happened tonight.”

Profanity and name-calling are commonplace in sports. Twitter has conditioned black people to see all engagement with white people as an outgrowth of slavery and racism. Antoan Richardson has been radicalized.

The same, albeit more extreme, radicalization process is at the heart of the violent and terroristic behavior of Frank James, the suspected New York subway shooter. James is a different version of Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha mass murderer. Twitter and other social media apps promote the notion that America hasn’t changed since the 1850s. James and Brooks have been convinced they’re Nat Turner, violently emancipating black people from oppression. Black Twitter rewards people for analogizing 2020 America to 1619 America. That’s why Brian Flores and Colin Kaepernick believe the NFL operates like a slave plantation. Black Twitter rewards this kind of idiocy.

It also argues that black men have every right to violently resist arrest and put themselves in position for a police officer to overreact and make a deadly mistake. Black Twitter will demand that we shout Patrick Lyoya’s name rather than learn something from his encounter with police. Lyoya is the Congolese immigrant shot and killed by a Grand Rapids, Michigan, cop after a struggle.

Lyoya wrestled with a cop and apparently tried to grab the officer’s taser before being shot while pinned to the ground. You can make the argument the police officer overreacted. But you can make a much stronger argument that it’s foolish to wrestle with a cop and reach for his weapon. Black Twitter won’t allow us to make that argument.

Neither will it allow us to have an honest discussion about the actions that led to NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins’ tragic death. When black men die, black Twitter demands that we worship them and never critically evaluate their actions.

Black Twitter believes only the actions of white men matter. Everyone else is nothing more than a potential victim of the actions of white men. That worldview is inconsistent with a biblical worldview. That worldview emasculates every man who isn’t white. That’s why I call black Twitter the black KKK.

Both groups are dedicated to emasculating black men at the behest of the Democratic Party.

Here’s hoping Elon Musk, a white African, can save America from the KKK.

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