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Whitlock: ESPN acquiesces to Susan B. Anthony’s anti-black feminist reparations movement

GraphicaArtis / Contributor

American women are not owed reparations. They have not been mistreated, denied freedom, or relegated to an inferior position. They’re not victims of an exploitative patriarchal tradition.

As technology advanced and curbed the natural hardships of basic survival, American men led the world in granting freedom and autonomy to women. Feminists have taken advantage of man’s instinct to please women, casting themselves as long-suffering victims of male supremacy, and reshaped American society into a culture that favors the weaker sex.

We’re all currently paying the price for the benevolence of American men. Our eagerness to make peace with the more empathetic sex explains the prevalence of drag queens at libraries, the outlawing of biblical values, and the elimination of all standards of behavior.

The nature of woman and the weakness of man spelled out in the book of Genesis stand the test of time.

I bring this up because feminists are upset with me because late Monday night I complained via Twitter that ESPN spent the first six minutes of SportsCenter showcasing two women’s college basketball games.

“ESPN SportsCenter just led tonight’s episode with 2 stories on women’s college basketball. The first 6 minutes, a regular season Big Ten and SEC game. Who is paying for this? What percentage of sports fans does this serve?”

It was a throwaway, stream-of-conscious tweet spewed into the midnight wilderness. A Deadspin blogger in need of content used the harmless tweet to argue that I have a dark, misogynist soul.

“Of all the things to get riled up about, ranting about women’s hoops being too front and center is almost cartoonishly misogynistic,” DJ Dunson wrote. “When Whitlock’s not running around bearing [sic] his dark soul, Whitlock is on a trolling spree. Twitter has provided him with a new avenue to test out his bad takes. Whitlock is a dark soul. There’s no depth to him besides but [sic] an insidious desire to pile on, show solidarity to supremacy movements and see everyone as miserable and grievance-filled as he is.”

Any observant follower of my work realizes I’m far more gravy-filled than grievance-filled. I reject victimhood for myself and others. Is my soul dark? Perhaps. Gravy darkens everything it touches.

On a serious note, the women’s college basketball highlights caught my attention because the first stories on SportsCenter are designed to reflect the importance of the games and the interest of sports fans. ESPN’s self-stated mission is: “Serving sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere.”

ESPN did not lead SportsCenter with women’s college basketball as a service to sports fans. The network was servicing the feminist agenda. The network has swallowed the 70-year myth that America owes women reparations.

We don’t. More than any country on the planet, we’ve treated women fairly. That statement covers America from the 1620 Plymouth Rock landing through Kamala Harris’ sex-fueled romp to the White House.

Before DoorDash, before paved roads and motor vehicles, before you could earn 1,000 times more money sitting behind a desk than working a pick, plow, shovel, or hammer, women did not have real complaints about gender roles. When life was legitimately hard and high-risk, women were fine with men taking the greatest risks and doing the hardest tasks. They still are. Women aren’t looking for equal opportunities inside coal mines. They want so-called equality seated at a desk, in front of a camera, talking to a microphone, and at whatever leisure activity pays a big salary.

Men have traditionally dominated the workforce because when the American workforce started in the 1600s, only men were capable of doing the work. Women managed the home, children, and garden while men “worked.” That wasn’t a byproduct of sexism. It was a byproduct of necessity.

Life’s hardships also necessitated marriage and family. A husband and kids made survival and safety more likely for women. Kids weren’t burdens or inconveniences. They weren’t obstacles preventing a career inside a cubicle. Kids were blessings. They enhanced happiness, prosperity, and security.

The tradition of men voting reflected America’s biblical worldview and the pervasiveness of families. A man’s vote represented the needs of his family and the dominion of the earth with which God tasked man in the Bible. When the United States of America started in 1776, there was little disagreement about the importance of man or family. You needed both to survive.

Technological advances have perverted our view of men, marriage, and family. They’re now luxury items at best and impediments to self-fulfillment at worst. Men are unnecessary for survival. Food is delivered to our doors in minutes. In suburban areas, police arrive in minutes to provide protection. Government subsidies and handouts have made work optional.

It’s no longer a man’s world. It’s the government’s world. We’re a nation of individuals, not families.

If you understand history, America’s treatment of women is not a story of exploitation. It’s a story of acquiescence driven by the myth that we owe women for past mistreatment. We don’t.

Our pandering to women has created chaos and destroyed the meritocracy.

We’ve prioritized the development of strong women over the development of strong men. The horrific side effects of this prioritization can best be seen in the black community, the laboratory of all leftist secular experiments. Our communities are devoid of nuclear families, and they’re cesspools of pathologies that cripple advancement and order. Corporate media will tell you that it’s all the fault of the racist, evangelical white conservative man.

What if the real culprit is the racist, atheist white liberal woman?

That’s who we’ve been following: Susan B. Anthony, the celebrated feminist leader of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association. The NWSA formed in 1869 and partnered with racist organizations of the Confederacy to fight the 15th Amendment. The 15th Amendment granted black men the right to vote. The NWSA argued that black men had no business making laws that impacted white women.

The feminist movement is steeped in anti-black-man bigotry. The feminist movement prefers gay black men and single black women, and it’s hostile to a biblical worldview.

The feminist movement wants to destroy men. Sports have traditionally aided the development of strong men. The white liberal woman browbeat politicians into adopting Title IX legislation. She believes the world would be a better place if we produced stronger women and weaker men. ESPN is serving her needs and worldview when it showcases a couple of obscure women’s games over the far more popular and compelling men’s games. The sports world has been feminized to please the liberal white woman.

I don’t have a problem with female jocks. My problem is the feminization of sports. It’s rooted in pandering based on the false narrative that men owe women.

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