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Whitlock: ‘No Voting, No Vucking’ video exposes what Michelle Obama thinks of black men

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Blame Michelle Obama, Stephen Curry, Tom Hanks, Megan Rapinoe, Shonda Rimes, Chris Paul, and J. Lo for a disgustingly racist music video intended to entice black men to vote in the midterm elections.

Celebrity elites hate black people in general and black men in particular.

I can think of no other motivation for the Saucy Santana-Trina rap video, “No Voting, No Vucking.”

In it, Saucy Santana, a 28-year-old male makeup artist turned rapper, opens up the black dating app BLK on his smartphone and raps about the man he would like to date.

“Face is a nine, abs is a 10, D is a hmm to be determined. He got me a joke, he don’t seem broke, the only red flag is he says he don’t vote … Wanna hit this booty, you gotta do your civic duty.”

Later in the song, Trina, a 47-year-old female rapper, chimes in with her hyper-sexualized lyrics.

“Don’t stop now, stuff my ballot box again, brought my homegirl through, we’ll put the bi in partisan.” Trina implores the audience to “gerrymander this coochie.”

The video ends directing viewers to visit weall.vote/blk.

Weall.vote is Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote organization. She started it in 2018 with a bunch of celebrities, including basketball stars Steph Curry and Chris Paul, soccer star Megan Rapinoe, and actor Tom Hanks. Weall.vote partnered with BLK to put out the "No Voting, No Vucking" music video.

The video exposes an unspoken political dynamic facing black voters. Sex has been weaponized to encourage political obedience among black men.

When I first saw the video on Wednesday, I was embarrassed, disgusted, and insulted. The video is racist. It reduces black people to humans who are controlled by their sexual urges. The makers of the video are saying it’s pointless to talk about policy and values with black people. Induce black people to vote with promises of promiscuous sex.

Trina raps: “Legs in the air, I don’t care. Anyone can get it, universal healthcare.”

Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, should be embarrassed to be associated with this video. But she’s not. She’s the leader of a matriarchal cult that is seizing power by any means necessary.

The Democrat Party knows it has a problem with black men, particularly black heterosexual men. The left does not have a single policy directed at empowering men of any color. Democrats are focused on empowering the LGBTQ Alphabet Mafia and feminists.

Sex with 47-year-old whores (Trina) and beard-wearing, fingernail-painted gay men (Saucy Santana) is the Democrat Party’s policy offer to black men.

This is sick. It’s demonic.

Is it effective?

To some degree, I say yes. I say that because heterosexual black men have been placed in a difficult predicament ever since Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008.

For a black man, the penalty for criticizing the Democrat Party is social banishment. Political commentator Tavis Smiley lost his career and reputation for questioning Obama. Smiley didn’t get #MeTooed. He got Obama-ed. Smiley was a liberal in good standing until he questioned Obama.

Black conservatives have been ridiculed for the last 60 years. But they were always welcomed at the so-called “cookout.” More than likely, they financed the “cookout” and paid the rent of several of the attendees.

But now, black conservatives are persona non grata in many black social circles. They’re certainly second-class citizens at those gatherings. It’s much more difficult to date as a black conservative if you prefer dating black women. Being conservative significantly shrinks your dating pool.

No voting Democrat can mean no vucking black women.

Blame Michelle Obama.

She is the modern-day General Nanisca, the fictionalized heroine in the movie "The Woman King." Barack Obama is King Ghezo, the ruler of Dahomey, Africa.

Two hundred years ago, a group of female Amazon warriors helped protect King Ghezo’s slave trade. Ghezo’s tribe captured Africans, enslaved them, and sold the surplus of human chattel to Europeans.

Have things changed all that much in the last two centuries?

Today, Barack Obama rules the Democrat Party. Michelle is a fierce Amazon warrior deployed to protect the Obama’s slave trade of black voters to the Democrat Party.

Michelle is the woman king. Michelle, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, and all the other wannabe woman kings have black men by the balls. They want us to suppress our natural desire to lead. They think we’re so shallow and sex-obsessed that we will abandon a biblical worldview and reject our responsibility as men.

Maybe they’re right?

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