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Whitlock: Evangelicals must confront the black KKK
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Whitlock: Evangelicals must confront the black KKK

Rachel Richardson, the now infamous Duke volleyball player who falsely accused BYU fans of racial taunts, has been analogized to Jussie Smollett.

The analogy falls short. Richardson is more Carolyn Bryant than Smollett.

Of course, we all remember Smollett. In 2019, the "Empire" actor planned, paid for, and executed a racial hoax in the city of Chicago. Enhanced fortune and fame sparked Smollett to accuse white Trump supporters of assault and attempted kidnapping.

In 1955, when Bryant unwittingly set in motion the murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, she had no delusions of fame and fortune. Mississippi’s pervasive culture of anti-black racial animus motivated her actions. She accused a young black boy of disrespectful behavior because that was the custom of the time.

Nearly seven decades later, America has adopted a different custom and a different racial animus. The culture rewards and abets anti-white racial animus. Racist political elites, primarily members of the Democratic Party, have once again rigged the system to favor a specific group based on skin color.

They call it equity. It works just the same as the “entitlement” that justified Jim Crow Laws 70 years ago. When Carolyn Bryant was 21, she lived in a world that told her white people were entitled to special treatment that placed them above blacks, Asians, Latinos, and everyone else. Richardson, at age 19, lives in a cocoon of bigotry that tells her black people are owed special treatment above their peers.

Lesa Pamplin, Richardson’s godmother, is an unrepentant bigot. Pamplin ignited the Duke-BYU racial controversy when she posted tweets accusing BYU students of taunting Richardson with the N-word throughout the entirety of the volleyball match.

Pamplin is a Democrat politician running for office in Texas. She was not in attendance at the volleyball match. She repeated the story her goddaughter told her. Pamplin’s tweet summoned the racial lynch mob. LeBron James, Stephen A. Smith, Dawn Staley, Ben Crump, and many others joined the manhunt to lynch BYU and its students.

The mob zeroed in on a special-needs kid who briefly interacted with Richardson after the game. With no evidence and no investigation, the mob was satisfied with smearing a special-needs kid and BYU as mistreating Rachel Richardson.

The autistic kid and BYU represent whiteness. We live in a time when it’s appropriate and fashionable to assume the worst of white people. The negative assumptions are taught in school under the pretense of critical race theory.

Modern American culture programs us to hate white people, much the same way the 1950s programmed Carolyn Bryant to hate black people.

You can see the impact of the programming far beyond teenage volleyball players. Virtually every day social media circulates a viral video featuring young black people violently attacking a white person. It’s the predictable and natural boomerang to the George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Eric Garner videos.

Newton’s third law applies. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

The problem is, as it relates to violent crime videos, the reaction isn’t equal. It’s disproportionate. White police officers and white people do not violently attack black people at the same rate as black people attack white people.

Over the last 70 years, partially in reaction to the murder of Emmett Till, white people have been programmed to reduce their racial animus toward black people.

Democrats won’t tell black people that historical fact. They keep black voters loyal by telling them that nothing has changed since 1955. That’s why Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democrats brag about passing anti-lynching laws in 2022. Lynching black people hasn’t been a thing in this country for sixty years.

Democrats want black people to believe the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers are the new KKK. But there’s no evidence. With the prevalence of cell phones, you’d think we’d have video of the Proud Boys burning a cross or the Oath Keepers beating a black man.

All we have is Joe Biden’s word that white racists are the greatest threat to our democracy. Democrats' supporting evidence is that on January 6, white men wanted to kidnap and hang Mike Pence, who is a white Republican, and a black police officer shot an unarmed white woman.

Doesn’t that sound just like the KKK?

Meanwhile, over the same 70-year period, the leftists in charge of America’s educational system have programmed black people to believe white people are responsible for the success and failure of black people and that white people are inherently anti-black.

Even worse, Democrats have convinced black people that religious faith and biblical morality should be abandoned for political power. When you add in the destruction of the nuclear family, you’ve created a lethal Molotov cocktail of racial destruction.

Racial hatred + secularism + absentee fathers = a black KKK.

That’s what the viral videos depict. Democrats have created a new KKK. I could show you an endless stream of videos that look like this and this and this. I could review Darrell Brooks driving through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Or we could talk about the murder of Ethan Liming in Akron, Ohio. The response will be, “What about the Buffalo mass shooter who targeted black people? What about Dylan Roof, who killed black church congregants?”

Those events are far more rare than what we’re witnessing on a daily basis. The stats are overwhelming. Here’s a link to research on interracial violent crime rates. It’s taken from 2018. There are more than 500,000 instances of black-on-white violent crime and just 60,000 instances of white-on-black violent crime.

We’re ignoring a national epidemic. The left preaches racial hatred, secularism, and the destruction of the patriarchy. No God, no fathers, and racial entitlement produce chaos, anarchy, and violence.

Evangelicals must call out and confront the black KKK the same way our forefathers boldly stood against the white KKK Democrats empowered long ago.

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