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'That should disgust everyone': Powerful new ad rips hypocritical celebs, media, Dems, and teachers unions who stole kids' childhoods

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Image source: Twitter video screenshot

By now, most Blaze readers and viewers are familiar with the ongoing hypocrisy of our nation's media, celebrities, and Democratic officials when it comes to COVID protocols.

You and your kids have to wear masks, no matter their efficacy. But our intellectual betters do not.

Don't get too near other people — but only if you're one of the plebes. America's big shots can be with whomever they please whenever they please.

You get the drift.

Now the common folk are fighting back.

A new ad from N2 America, an organization "committed to promoting and supporting center-right policies and ideas that better the lives of families, especially in America’s suburbs," according to the group's website, takes on the hypocrites in Hollywood, politics, media, and the teachers unions.

In a Thursday tweet featuring the new ad, N2 America said, "Kids are locked out of school, locked out of learning, locked out of their childhood. Celebrities and media personalities and hypocritical politicians are partying like it’s 2019."

"That should disgust everyone," the tweet concluded.

The video features footage of kids watching adults in American culture flouting the mask mandates while they're forced to follow what have become outdated mask rules in schools or ongoing remote learning.

The accompanying text says, "They see the excitement. They see the joy. They see what they are missing."

"Democrats are putting kids last. Teachers' unions are putting kids last," the ad continues. "Tell them to give kids their childhood back."

Will Democrats and educators listen? If Stacey Abrams' and a Georgia principal's antics over the weekend are any indication, probably not.

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