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Laugh all you want, Charmin’s 'forever roll' looks like a solid emergency preparedness purchase

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Every family needs a plan

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

A company famous for using cartoon bears to sell toilet paper is selling a gigantic roll of toilet paper that it says will last up to one month.

As WUSA-TV pointed out, Charmin promoted the "forever roll" during the holidays at the end of last year, but it has received some renewed attention on social media the last few days.

While it might be fun to use the headline to make jokes about your choice of stomach-abusing fast food or how fast your family goes through a roll, this actually looks like a pretty good acquisition for an emergency preparedness plan.

Look, everybody needs some kind of plan for when things go wrong. And right next to stuff like drinking water, a first-aid kit, a battery-powered light source, a battery or crank-powered radio, and non-perishable food, toilet paper is definitely something you're going to want to have in your family's emergency preparedness kit.

That is, unless you like the idea of having to look for alternatives if your regular supply of the soft stuff ever gives out in an emergency. I personally don't.

While the unusual packaging is meant to cut down on having to change out rolls as often, it also looks like it would store and transport a lot more efficiently than the standard-size offerings one normally finds in a local supermarket aisle.

Plus, having the creature comfort of 2-ply ultra-soft TP could really knock at least a little of the edge off having to deal with an emergency situation. Just saying.

Charmin says one of the "forever rolls" should last a month. Of course, that's all subject to your own household's needs. A kit of three giant rolls on their website will run you $29.99 and get you a free roll holder thrown in. A single roll is $9.99.

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